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First Pics Of The RELEASED George Zimmerman


Under the watchful eye of police, and tons of waiting press, George Zimmerman was released from a Florida jail very late last night.  After he posted $150K bond, whhich was set last week, George was allowed to "go free" as he awaits the start of the Trayvon Martin trial.  Deets inside....


Last night,  George Zimmerman walked out of Seminole County Jail after posting $150K bond.  Though he is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting deatch of Trayvon Martin, the judge, Kenneth Lester,  determined he was not a flight risk since the whole world is watching his every move. 

George's father indicated that he might have to take out a second mortage to pay for the bond.  And after posting payment, George was met at the door by a friend who drove him away in a white BMW. 

At his bail hearing last week, George apologized, as soon as he was sworn in, to Trayvon's parents saying,  ‘I am sorry for the loss of your son… I did not know if he was armed or not.  I did not know how old he was. I thought he was a little bit older than I was.'

But the prosecution got a few digs in during the hearing as they asked George why he waited so long to contact Trayvon's parents. He said, ‘I was told not to communicate.'  Interesting that he would use the witness stand to "communicate" when the whole world is conveniently watching and he was only supposed to be up there to answer questions.  Not sneak in a sympathy seeking "apology."

Here are the terms of his bond:

  • He cannot have any firearms, drink alcohol or use drugs and must observe a curfew.
  • He will also have a GPS monitoring device.


In terms of new evidence (sensitive pic below),

A new photo released by ABC NEWS shows blood trickling from the crown of George's head and a police report from the night of February 26 also noted that he was bleeding from his nose.

But remember, George was not sent to the hospital, nor did he receive stitches.  And it hasn't been determined exactly how these injuries were sustained.

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