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Amber Rose Strips Down To Barely-There Bikini For The 'Gram & Hits The Beach With Blac Chyna, Says Family Missed Wedding Because Wiz Is African American


 photo amberblacchynamiami_zpsd6efb010.jpg

Amber Rose made a major splash this weekend in Miami.  From hosting a party at a strip club (not her former workplace but a different strip club), to stripping down to almost nothing for the 'Gram, to hitting the beach with new bestie Blac Chyna, we've got all the pics you need to see how the former Mrs. Khalifaand mom of Baby Bash spent her weekend....

 photo AmberRoseRelaxingPoolsideMiami79ZszYAiib-l_zpsd20fb79a.jpg

Besties who wear barely-there clothes together....stay together.  Amber Rose and Blac Chyna jetted down to Miami to host a party and to hit the beach.  Oh, and to do a few Instagram photoshoots. 

But first, they put on their barely there best (and sky high Versace heels) to chill poolside yesterday afternoon:

 photo AmberRoseRelaxingPoolsideMiamiRUWebSILY11l_zps057f1486.jpg

 photo 24CD2ADE00000578-2914997-image-m-14_1421540708566_zpsf7ab5e82.jpg

 photo 24CD2B3400000578-2914997-image-m-20_1421540825206_zps42d3b0a6.jpg 

Amber rocked her bikini with a sheer pink front tie cover up.

 photo AmberRoseRelaxingPoolsideMiamiWt8lAvw3lhXl_zps8479c82e.jpg 

 photo 24CD1D5D00000578-2914997-image-m-54_1421542608213_zpsc4fe6717.jpg

 photo 24CD397D00000578-2914997-image-a-51_1421542184594_zpscd2d8a5a.jpg

And the twosome were in picture-taking heaven.

 photo 24CD0EE100000578-2914997-image-m-37_1421541127404_zpsc615f8a7.jpg photo 24CD0ED900000578-2914997-image-m-52_1421542428907_zps29473499.jpg

 photo 24CD1A4100000578-2914997-image-m-55_1421542661139_zps7340b785.jpg

And booty display heaven.

 photo 24CD0F3500000578-2914997-image-a-34_1421541054309_zps0b046742.jpg

And other displays....

 photo 24CD2A9900000578-2914997-image-m-19_1421540804211_zpsabbff129.jpg

 photo 24CD1C9F00000578-2914997-image-a-41_1421541221543_zps9338a5cb.jpg   

 photo 24CD26B800000578-2914997-image-m-50_1421542047308_zps9d9b3b9e.jpg

 photo 24CD1D5400000578-2914997-image-m-6_1421540604274_zps587bae7f.jpg

Yesterday, Amber also tried to break the internet with pics of her monokini which covered the bare essentials:

 photo ScreenShot2015-01-18at122223PM_zps2dbf1726.png photo ScreenShot2015-01-18at122212PM_zpsd61830ff.png photo ScreenShot2015-01-18at122201PM_zps9f493ec7.png photo ScreenShot2015-01-18at122152PM_zpsb288f007.png

And Friday night:

 photo wenn22079279_zps82d2109b.jpg

She and Blac Chyna hosted Diva Fridays at G5ive Lounge and had plenty of cash for the strippers who hit the stage.

Meanwhile, Amber will appear in the new documentary "Light Girls" on the OWN network. And in her preview, which you can see HERE, she said some interesting things.

Apparently, much of her family skipped out on her wedding to Wiz Khalifa.  Why?  Because he's African-American.

Why does this matter if she asserts her "blackness" OFTEN while making sure everyone knows she's Cape Verdean?  That's because people in her family, according to Amber, see a huge difference between black Americans and black West Indians/Creoles.

"With my family, they feel like they're more superior or better than an African American because we're Creole and we have culture and that's something I battle with most of my life.  It's more of the older people in my family."

Well, we wonder if those same family members believe her stripper career and twerk videos and half naked thirst trap Instagram pics she's become known for are "superior" actions as well. 

The "Light Girls" documentary airs tomorrow night on OWN.

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