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Melyssa Ford Says Her Relationship With Flo Rida Was "Doomed", They Had NOTHING In Common, And Addresses Karrine Steffans


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"Blood Sweat And Heels" star Melyssa Ford appeared on "The Breakfast Club" this morning where she dished on "video vixens" and why her relationship with Flo Rida was "doomed". 


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On this morning's broadcast of "The Breakfast Club", "Blood Sweat And Heels" star Melyssa Ford came on to dished on her hit show, which debuted to huge ratings on Bravo, and she opened up about her past as a video vixen, and shed light on her relationship with Flo Rida. Here are highlights:

On why she signed on for “Blood Sweat And Heels”:
“I’m connected to my relationship with God and I listen to it. I always felt like the right opportunity had not come across my path. But I always knew that if I was going to do a reality show it would be with Bravo and it would be a show just like this one. A show about single successful women whose careers are not based on being funded by some man as a hobby. We’re self-starters.”

On being a video vixen:
I was a university student and I was putting myself through school. I had my priorities straights. In six years…I did twenty videos. I kinda took my popularity and branded it and leveraged myself…..I haven’t done a video in ten years so to be defined by one pocket in time is a little annoying.

On the negative attention aimed at video vixens and the Superhead book:
Karrine….I don’t know her personally. When I was on video sets…no one knew who she was. I didn’t think she really existed because I didn’t know anyone who’d ever seen her before. Her name just floated around like this big mystery. And then this book came out and it defined an entire group. I was like……hold on one second. Your story and mine are two very different.

Was she ever “solicited” on video sets?
I was the Queen of "No."

On selling real estate on “Blood Sweat And Heels”:
She says she had just gotten her real estate license when she got an email from Bravo about the show. She has sold $2million in real estate and has several relationships with major lenders and banks. She made a point of proving that she REALLY IS A LICENSED Real Estate Agent.

On dating:
Melyssa says she’s single and broke up with someone recently.

On Flo Rida:
Though they dated and broke up at least three times between 2009 and 2011, she says it was “doomed” and they never had anything in common. Although she never said he wasn’t smart or intelligent (is was seriously implied), she described his conversational skills as “limited." Shocker.

On snooping:
She revealed that one of her boyfriends cheated on her and she found out because she found a sex tape (on VHS). She never confirmed if this “ex” was Flo Rida.

On Eva Marcille calling her a golddigger:
"She’s entitled to her opinion. It's inaccurate."

On being cheated on:
"I’m a Ritz cracker to some men but to another guy I might be a Saltine. If guys aren’t in that committed state of mind then they’re going to step out on their chick.


Listen to the interview here:


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