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HERE WE GO AGAIN: Celtics Baller Jordan Crawford Tells Carmelo Anthony In Game 5 "That MuthaF**ker Fu**ked Your Wife", LaLa GOES IN!


 photo e9b73496b1ee11e2864822000a9f09cf_7_zps5f4fdb02.jpg

Not sure why everybody's getting real reckless with LaLa & Carmelo Anthony these days, but Mrs. Anthony is now fighting back.  As she should.  Check out her response to Celtics baller Jordan Crawford after he shouted at Carmelo some sexual accusations about his wife during game 5 this week...

LaLa's finding herself having to defend herself to benchwarmers.  The reality star, pictured above hitting up the GIG-IT event earlier this week in NYC, popped off via Instagram after Celtics baller Jordan Crawford popped some reckless ish to Melo in Game 5 of the playoffs Wednesday.

Jordan, who was caught on video yelling this during the game, said to Carmelo, "That muthaf**ker fu*ked your wife!"

Obviously, he's referencing the whole Kevin Garnett/Honey Nut Cheerios debacle that had Melo waiting outside Kevin's bus....old school fight style.

 photo Jordan-Crawford-x-Carmelo-Anthony_zpsce7afbf8.jpg

But this time around, Melo didn't waste his energy trying to fight Jordan (well, he cooled off quickly), and LaLa handled it herself via Instagram.  She posted a pic that said, "STRONG WOMEN intimidate weak men."  Then followed up with, “Try again. You on the bench for a reason.”


Jordan denies saying it (mind you, there is video evidence of him saying this). 

Carmelo told reporters after the game that Jordan, who was a no-name before this, doesn't even deserve their typing time.

“I’m not thinking about Jordan Crawford. Not at this point in time. I’ll tell you that . . . I don’t think he deserves for you to be typing [about him].”

Ha.  Y'all better leave Melo & 'em alone....

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