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SPEAK ON IT: Chrissy & Emily Talk LOYALTY & CHEATING On "Love & Hip Hop" Season 2 Finale


Last night's "Love & Hip Hop" Season 2 finale raised some eyebrows and blood pressure.  We already knew about Kimbella's pregnancy--event though she spent the whole episode saying she and baby daddy Juelz weren't on the level they needed to be on and he couldn't give her what she needed.  But what we didn't know was Chrissy's definition of "loyalty" and what she allows Jim to do in their relationship.


Check out the clip inside and speak on it...

I typically try to stay as objective as possible with this show as most of it is scripted and everyone has different outlooks on what's acceptable and what's not.  Especially where women and their careers and their relationships are concerned.  But last night just needs to be discussed.

Emily went to Chrissy about what Fab's ex-assistant Winter (who was just spotted with Fab days ago by the way) told her about "forgiving" Fab.  Emily says that Winter's advice to her which was to "find a hobby" while Fab is out "doing what he's going to do" stuck out to her.  Winter told Emily to go home because "she is breaking Fab's heart right now."  (Girl stop.)  Emily didn't know if she should take heed to Winter's advice to turn the other cheek to Fab's cheating ways.  Winter told her it costs (and not money) to ride in the Bentleys (which 99% of these rappers are leasing their damn selves) and get all the clothes and shoes she's come to worship.  So Em needed Chrissy's advice on whether she should take heed to what Winter said.

Chrissy's advice to Em was even more shocking.  She said this rap business is indeed crazy at times, and you have to have a specific bond with your man.  Chrissy, who I have been a huge supporter of all season and was actually surprised by, went on to say that "a man is going to do what he's going to do," but has to be loyal and smart enough to never let his main girl see it, feel it, or hear it.  And she indeed sounded as if she was speaking from cheating experience with Jimmy.

Now I know this is a touchy subject and all, but low standards and no sense of self worth has to be called out when it's slapping me in the face every week.  And even moreso when young girls are looking to these shows as examples of how to live--whether we like it or not.  Em & Chrissy's conversation was the best example of a woman believing "My body, mind and self are only worth main status," instead of it all being worth "ONLY" status.  These women--esp. those with young daughters--have GOT to do better.  It's bad enough you think it's ok to get treated like trash on a public platform and publicly cheated on, it's a whole other to make it known that you're OK with it.

How's this for some advice?  Some folks are not going to like it...but sue me.  GET/CREATE A REAL JOB, work your ass off like plenty of successful and fabulous women do every day of their lives, and buy your own shoes and clothes and what nots.  Since that's what's important to you.  A grown and able woman relying on a man to buy her the very things she can buy for herself will always lead to a dumb doormat with no self worth.  No matter how well you dress up the screen door.  There is nothing wrong with your lover/man/friend/whatever you want to call him gifting you things to add to your collection (we all love a gift).  That's what people do for each other in relationships.  But making a man, who has no desire to make you his ONLY, your sole source of getting the necessities and luxuries you believe you need in life--is just foolish.  And will never end well.  In the end, surprisingly, Emily said she did not move back in with Fab because she demands more respect.

Hopping off my soapbox...speak on it oh fab ones.  And check out the clip below:


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