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DJ Tim Westwood Hit With Sexual Misconduct Accusations By Multiple Black Women, Including An Alleged Encounter With A Minor


DJ Tim Westwood - former BBC Radio 1 DJ - has been hit with multiple allegations of sexual misconduct by seven black women, one who was a minor during the alleged incident. They claim the Capital XTRA host abused his position of power in the music industry to prey on them. Get into the explosive exposé inside…

Many are shocked, while some aren’t surprised by the explosive sexual misconduct allegations made against British DJ Tim Westwood.

Following a new investigation by The Guardian and the BBC, the 64-year-old, who is a former BBC Radio 1 DJ - is facing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct by women who claim he abused his position of power in the music industry to prey on them.

In total, seven women - who are all black - came forward to share how the famed DJ - who was an early champion of Hip Hop in the UK & currently has a show on Capital XTRA - sexually abused them in incidents that occurred between 1992 and 2017.



Three of the women claim the former BBC disc jockey (who is the son of an Anglican bishop) initiated unwanted sex, while the other four women detailed how he groped them at events.

One of the women - under the alias Tamara - revealed she met Tim Westwood at the age of 17 when she was an aspiring singer of a R&B group. He was 30 at the time. According to the woman, she was subjected to unwanted oral sex after agreeing to meet him.

The BBC reports:

According to her, he started to take down her trousers and underwear. "Then he began instantaneously to give me oral sex. There was no talking. There was no kind of communication about that. It was just before I knew it - that's what was happening." Tamara says that at first she tried to push his head or his shoulders away but he just continued.

"And then I just realized that I'm in a position where it's already gone too far. I'm in a place, I'm already far from home. I wouldn't know how to get home from here. I was manipulated into that situation - I was led to believe one thing, when he had something else in mind."

Working in the same industry, she says their paths continued to cross. She says Westwood had sex with her several times over the next few years before she cut off the encounters.

”I think it was almost implied by him that OK, because we'd had the first encounter, I would be up for the next encounter and being young and not having the strength and courage to just say 'Look, no, I don't feel right about this because I don't feel right about it.' It just happened."

In 2021, Tamara watched the BBC's Music's Dirty Secrets documentary in 2021 and contacted the producers asking them to investigate the DJ.

Two other women - 19 & 20 at the time of their encounters with the DJ, who was in his 50s - had aspirations of working in the music industry, so they linked up with him in London to discuss music…or so they thought. Both women have accused the DJ of “initiating unwanted and unexpected sex” that left them feeling “completely powerless” and “scared.”

One of the women - using the alias Isabel - said Tim picked her up in London and drove her to what she believed to be his flat (apartment) before he assaulted her.

”He leaves the room and then he comes back completely naked," she alleges. "That's when I noticed that he has got a condom and he has removed it [from the wrapper] and started putting it on." Isabel says she recognized the condom packet. It had the DJ's face on one side - part of a campaign Westwood did with Durex. "I remember that very vividly because I remember that was kind of when my brain also started to shut down."

Isabel describes sitting on a chair "frozen with fear". She says Westwood held her shoulders and turned her around. "I knew what was going to happen at this point. So, I'm just like 'Oh my God,' And I remember being like, hunched up and like holding on to the back of the chair, like, scared.

”He almost, like, tapped me on the back of my leg as if he wanted me to move my leg, which I didn't do. And then he sort of did."

Westwood then penetrated her.

She says after he finished, she quickly got dressed and sat waiting to leave. She says the DJ seemed annoyed when she asked for a lift to the station.

Four further women accused the DJ of either touching their bottoms or breasts as they posed for photographs with him at different events where he was performing.

All of the women - whose names have been changed to protect their identities - do not know each other. Some of the women work in the music industry currently and fear repercussions. And we all know how folks get when a black woman sounds the alarm that someone did something to them illegally. Just look at how folks have been dragging Megan Thee Stallionfor allegedly lying about being shot by Tory Lanez. The Houston rapper literally has bullet fragments in her feet, he reportedly had gun residue on his hands, and some folks STILL don’t believe she was shot.

None of the women who spoke out against Tim Westwood have reported the sexual misconduct incidents to police. Some of the ladies hope their stories encourages others to come forward and it leads to the DJ being "held accountable" for his behavior.

”It makes it feel like that wasn't completely for nothing," Isabel says about coming forward. "Like, I don't just have this trauma scar for no reason. There's a purpose for other people to not have to experience it."

The women will tell their stories in a BBC Three documentary, "Tim Westwood: Abuse of Power," which airs on BBC Three tonight.

Tim Westwood has denied ALL of the allegations.

Allegations about Tim’s problematic behavior toward young black women has never been a secret and folks have held discussions about it on social media for a while.

Peep some responses to the recent sexual misconduct allegations below:














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