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Rather Than Talk About Trump, Eagles Baller Malcolm Jenkins Hit Us With Some Signs + Folks Are Clowning Jadakiss Over Botched Hairline


 photo malcolmjadakiss.png

Eagles champ Malcolm Jenkins has no words when it comes to Donald Trump. However, he does have something to say. Watch the Eagles player hold up handwritten signs when asked about the White House visit, plus see why folks are clowning Jadakiss and his new hairline inside...

 photo maleagles1.png

Super Bowl wining champ Malcolm Jenkins is fed up. He's totally over saying the same thing over and over, so he used handwritten signs to get his point across.

During a press conference with reporters, the Eagles safety - who did not kneel during the national anthem this year - whipped out cue cards with statistics about African Americans incarceration rates and police brutality. The reporters were eager to hear Malcolm's response to Trump holding a "ceremony" in place of the canceled Eagles White House visit (that they weren't going it anyway).

In case you missed, Trump canceled the Eagles' White House visit and instead held a ceremony to salute all of the men and women who serve to protect our country. Oh, and he played the national anthem "loud and proud."

 photo maleagles2.png

As reporters probed him with questions about the White House visit, Malcolm pointed out the unfair incarceration rates of African Americans and hailed NFL players who have made contributions to help fight against racial injustice.

Check it:

He also shared a few pics of his signs on his Twitter account:



Later, he explained why he did it:




Not even mad.

Director Ava DuVernay thanked Malcolm for his activism:


Ava DuVernay thanks him:


By the way, this happened during Trump's ridiculous ceremony to celebrate the fans - which reportedly weren't even there - and the military...





A white man attended the event and when the national anthem was playing, he took a knee! Bloop! After the national anthem played, he got up and left like a G. And he didn't want to speak to any media. Boss.

It's reported there was another man who did the same thing:



Take that President WIG.

In other news....

 photo jadakisshairline.png

Ummm...what in the hairline hell??

This photo of Jadakiss is making its rounds on social media, and folks are having a FIELD day with it. We're not sure what's going on, but something is.  Or maybe it's just the extra crispy clippers doing their job.  We dunno.












Photos: Getty/Instagram

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