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Jay Z Reveals Meanings Behind Twins’ Names, Why Rap Beefs Are Lame & His Mother’s Sexuality


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In part two of Jay Z’s candid podcast, he reveals the meanings behind the twins’ names, opens up about his past rap feuds and explains why he chose to talk about his mother’s sexuality on his 4:44 album. Get the highlights inside…

Jay Z shocked us all with his candid 4:44 album. And then he shocked us again when part 1 of his Rap Radar podcast wasreleased. He talked about his beef with Kanye West, infidelity during his marriage with Beyonce and that elevator fight with his sister-in-law Solange.

Now, in part 2 has been released and he’s opening up about his twins, past rap beefs and his mother’s sexuality.

Since Sir and Rumi Carter made their entrance into the world in June, folks have wondered the meaning behind their names. The proud dad-of-three finally lets us in on why he and Beyonce gave their new bundles of joy their interesting names.

“Rumi is our favorite poet, and Sir was just like, ‘Man, come out the gate,’ and he carries himself like that. He just came out like, ‘Sir!’


The Hip Hop mogul also opened up about his part rap beefs with rappers Fat Joe, Jim Jones and the late prodigy. While he had his fair share of rap feuds in the past (and he's still alive to talk about it), he's done with that life now. 

"It wasn't even like a big thing between Fat Joe and I, we just really talked about that in two minutes," Hov explained. "I don't want to have rap beef, I'm checked out of that part of the game."

While he was able to squash his beef with Joe, he didn’t get the chance to personally final the score with Mobb Deep’s Prodigy. He recently passed away due to sickle cell. He said:

“He obviously had a sickness there was no control over what was happening with him, but we have to take care of ourself. We have to focus on that. These guys are dying young. I have super respect for Prodigy. In order for me to really spar with you, I have to respect you. I sampled him for my first album so you know I was aware of him. Me and him spoke before he passed. I saw him in the club maybe five years ago and he came over and we kicked it. It wasn’t about nothing. It’s just sad. Blessings to his family, a young man.”

Another highlight from the interview is Hov revealing why he decided to touch on his mother Gloria Carter’s sexuality on his track “Smile.” When Mama Carter first heard the track, she was NOT for it. She didn’t want him to put it on the album. After some coaxing and explaining how the track could help others who may be dealing their sexuality, she ended up giving him the greenlight.

“I’ve always looked up to her, like ‘Man, she’s so fu**ing dope.’ My mom has always been dope her whole life,” Hov said. “She sounds like Maya Angelou, her pacing and her voice is just so regal…Our relationship developed to another level as I start getting into myself and wanting to know everything and really trying to go somewhere else, take it to another level. We had a beautiful conversation and it just led to me making that song. I didn’t have the permission to make that song. When she first heard the song she said, ‘Absolutely not.’ And I was like, ‘This is so important. So many people in the world, hiding and things like this and this will help you,’ and that’s how we spoke about this song.'” I was so happy about the person that she’s becoming, like live your life, be who you are. One of my proudest songs, I love that song.”

You can listen to the full part 2 below:




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