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Deion Sanders Says He Doesn't Want Pilar SLANDERED In The Press, Denies Rumors Of An Affair


Deion Sanders recently did an interview where he addressed the current drama in his life surrounding his divorce, his living situation and his daughter lashing out at Pilar.   Listen to the interview and get the highlights inside.... 

During an interview this morning with DeDe McGuire at K104 in Dallas, football/baseball legend Deion Sanders finally opened up about the public drama surrounding his personal life. Surprisingly, he had nothing but good things to say about Pilar.  He called her a friend, confirmed they are still living in the same house, and said he did not want to see her name slandered in the press.  Here are the highlights:

On his daughter going off about her hatred for Pilar:

He apologized for Deiondra's actions and said she is sorry for how she handled things.  He added that she had been "holding in" her feelings and that was how she chose to get things off her chest.  Really?  We didn't notice...

On infidelity rumors:

Deion says he WAS NOT with a 19-year-old woman, as rumors on the net have alleged.  He says it was an extortion attempt and he was not going to pay anyone off.

On Pilar:

He is upset that her name is being slandered "...just because two people chose to not be with one another."  He added, "The thing about it....Pilar and I are cool.  We're living under the same roof. I'm very calm...I'm not a yeller.  And I'm not even upset.  It's just another chapter of your life where you have to move on. It's cool until the situation is worked out."

He also said he gives Pilar the benefit of the doubt....he thinks her attorney is creating this drama.

On Pilar's NEXT house:

He wants everyone to know he does not have to buy Pilar a house equal to half the value of the one where they live now; but he will make sure she is taken care of.

His thoughts on marriage:

He says he's not ready to give up on marriage in general, but he plans to chill for a minute.


Listen to the interview here:


The Randomness:

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