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Kevin Hart Is WINNING With The #1 Super Bowl Ad + 5 More of Our Fave #SuperBowl50 Commericals


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Kevin Hart is winning EVERYWHERE. His Hyundai ad just became the #1 ranked commercial during Super Bowl 50. Deets inside, plus a few of our other faves from one of the biggest nights in sports...

Kevin Hart took helicopter parenting to a whole new LITERAL level in his new Super Bowl commercial for Hyundai. While spending $5 million per spot, companies were pulling in the stars to make the most of their 30-60 seconds.

Ride Along 2 star Kevin Hart is currently in Australia promoting the film, but he's winning back here in the States too.  His Hyundai overprotective dad commercial just shot to #1 in the ad rankings:



Check it below in case you missed it:


While there weren't a PLETHORA of stand outs this year, here's five more of our faves from the night.

Steve Harvey & T-Mobile's shade thrown at Verizon:


Super Bowl babies singing "Kiss From A Rose" with Seal:


Lil Wayne's "Movin' on Up" Apartments.com ad:


Serena Williams and T-Pain defying labels for Mini:


Drake and the corporate folks at T-Mobile trying to figure out the Hotline Bling video shoot:


Photos: Instagram

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