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Cam Newton Congratulates Peyton Manning After Super Bowl Loss, Still Gets Called "A Boy" + The Real Reason He Walked Out Post-Game Interview


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As much as some people like to believe racism is over in 2016, most of us still know it is alive and well through double standards, prejudices and the like.  Many say it’s also apparent in the NFL. Get the deets on a former Broncos player calling Cam Newton “BOY” and find out the real reason he got up and left the post-game interview inside….

Super Bowl 50 has come and gone. But, there’s still a lot of talk about the huge event that went down last night. Of course, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is the hot topic of discussion.

The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10 in the Super Bowl, a major disappointment for MVP Cam Newton and the whole Panthers organization.

Showing sportsmanship, Cam went over to shake hands with Peyton and congratulate him on the win...WITH a smile on his face. (Which was one of very few smiles from Cam as he hardly smiled the entire game).

Per usual, Broncos fans came out the woodwork to go HAM on Cam via social media. But one former Broncos player took a bit too far. In fact, entirely too far.

Former NFLer Bill Romanowski took to Twitter to tweet the one of the most racist comments ever…coming from a white man. He tweeted (and deleted):

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Boy?! Really? Cameron is grown man last we checked. The racial undertones of his comment was noticed by Twitter followers and they quickly called him on it. But, NY Daily News writer Shaun King brought up an interesting comparison between Cam and Broncos QB Peyton Manning.

In a new article, King points out out that back in 2010, Peyton was the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts when Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints defeated them in the Super Bowl.  After the game, Peyton decided to forgo congratulating Drew Brees on the win and immediately left the field.  Salty.

In a Yahoo Sports article posted after that game, Peyton wasn’t labeled as a player displaying unsportsmanlike conduct. He was praised for simply wanting to win the game so badly. The article said:

"Peyton Manning didn't shake hands with New Orleans Saints players after his Indianapolis Colts lost 31-17 in Super Bowl XLIV. Apparently some think this is a sign of poor sportsmanship from the NFL's greatest player. It's not.

Walking off the field without congratulating Drew Brees may go against our misguided notion of what sportsmanship should be, but it wasn't at all disrespectful or bitter. It shows how much Peyton Manning wanted to win the game. And who can argue about that?"

The mainstream media's comments on Cam, today, are a totally different story.

Just another example at racial double standards, ESPCIALLY in sports.

Speaking of the media....

By now, you’ve seen the clip of Cam Newton getting up and leaving shortly after starting a media conference with reporters. His famous smile nowhere to be found and a look of defeat consumed him. But, what you didn’t see was who was sitting right next to him.

Cam didn’t walk off because he was having a temper tantrum. He walked off because he was forced to answer questions in the same room as the opposing team, the Denver Broncos. We hear this hardly EVER happens.

It’s being reported Cam could hear Denver cornerback Chris Harris talking to the media about how they pounded the Panthers and have every intent on making him prove he "lnew how to throw a football."  And that’s what set him off.  Chris said on ESPN live today that he would have been mad too if he heard his oppnent talking about him in the same room after the game.

Peep Cam's quick exit below and listen to what's being said in the background:

We get it.  Being a leader (espcially the MVP) means swallowing some hard pills and staying above the fray.  Still, after a 15-1 winning season, losing at the Super Bowl had to be an extra tough pill to swallow.

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