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Russell Wilson Gives Inside Look At His Relationship With Ciara & Baby Future In Rolling Stone Cover Story + Dez Bryant Lands 2nd Cover


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Russell Wilson and Dez Bryant are gracing two separate covers of Rolling Stone’s first-ever NFL issue. Get a feel for what Russell & Ciara’s whirlwind relationship is like behind-the-scenes and more inside….

For the first time ever, Rolling Stone magazine is dedicating an entire issue to the NFL. And two of the league’s top players have landed their own separate covers. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (along with Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck) were the “chosen ones” to debut the football issue.

Inside, Russell gives us a behind-the-scenes look at a few intimate moments he has shared thus far with his girlfriend/R&B singer Ciara. It’s clear these two are head-over-heels in love (from what we’ve seen so far) and the Richmond, Va native reassures she’s the perfect “fit” for him.

“We connect so well, and we have the same vision," he tells Rolling Out. When asked if the hip-hop world is a bit of a stretch for him he laughs and responds,"No, it's a perfect fit, you know? Is it weird? No. It feels right."

CiCi also offered a few words to describe their budding relationship, in which she said, "We share similar views on pretty much everything. It's just superorganic."

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The 26-year-old Super Bowl champ, who recently signed a $87.6 million extension with the Seahawks, shares an inside look at what it was like backstage at the 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards right before he and his lady hit the stage to "Whip/Nae Nae" for the kids. Here's a snippet:

Backstage at Pauley Pavilion is a happy mess an hour before the 5 p.m. show. Ciara is here, and despite the fact that she's making a 30-second appearance, her entourage matches Wilson's. The two are going to be dancing the Whip and Nae Nae with some kids. Wilson has decided he wants a costume change for every segment and is constantly in his boxer briefs, displaying a slight belly. He models a leather cap for Ciara. He tries it straight-ahead, backward and turned to the side. Ciara laughs and tsk-tsks. "You are not wearing it sideways," she says. "Not a good look for you."

Wilson has been practicing his dance moves for three days, having a choreographer tape him from various angles so he could see what he needed to work on. Ciara watches and nods approvingly.

"I told him that he and President Obama have a similar dancing style," Ciara tells me later. "I'm not sure what that means, but he's got a cute groove."

Adorbs. (If you missed Russell getting down with CiCi, you can check it out HERE).

During another encounter, we see just how much Russell is into Ciara and her career as he made sure to take time out of his busy schedule to watch her sing the National Anthem at the MLB All-Star Game last month. Check it:

Just as the players are being announced, Wilson jogs through the catacombs of the pavilion to a room with a television. He whips out his phone and starts filming his girlfriend. She sounds beautiful, but Wilson notices a microdetail: "She's pulling at her earpiece. She can't hear herself."

It turns out to be true. Wilson Facetimes Ciara a few minutes later. "Baby, you did great, but I could tell you couldn't hear yourself."

Ciara's smile and voice crackle back. "I know, it went dead right before we went on. Did it sound OK?"

"You were great. Love you. See you tomorrow. Can't wait."

Aww...so cute.

There's also a first hand account of how the NFLer interacted with the "I Bet" singer's son Baby Future when he and CiCi came to cheer him on during football training camp:


Wilson lets his faceplate slip only once at camp; it's when Ciara's tiny son, Future, shows up with his nanny. Wilson trots to the sideline and takes 10 minutes to roll the kid a ball, play patty-cake and exchange high-fives. It's a rare unscripted — or seemingly unscripted — moment for Wilson, whose greatest trait as a quarterback is his escapability on the field with defenders and off the field with the media. With Future (his father is the rapper of the same name), Wilson seems to uncoil, but he quickly snaps back into game mode.

Appears to be the makings of an excellent step-dad and father figure.

And for those who feel he's not "black" enough. He had this to say:


"What does that even mean?" says Wilson, squirming in his chair at the Seahawks facility. "How are you defining 'black' or 'black enough'? I'm an African-American male with Native American blood. I didn't grow up with much. I've overcome a lot. I'm very, very proud of that history, but I'm also not going to just be defined by the history. I want to be defined by my present — and what's coming next."

Well said.

Also in the interview, Russell talks about how his dad Harrison Wilson III was such a significant figure in his life (he has since passed away), he touches on that now infamous Super Bowl interception and more. You can read his full interview here. 

On another cover....

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Cowboys baller Dez Bryant lands on another cover for the three-cover issue.

He posted a picture holding the issue in his hand, captioning, “I'm blessed and no one in this world can take that away from me... I wouldn't change a inch of me for the world... God wanted me this way.. so I embrace it and try to be a strong example for the ones who struggle and think it's never a way....thank you @rollingstone for sharing the real Dez Bryant”


The issue is on newsstands now.



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Photos: Rolling Stone/Dez's IG

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