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Amber Rose & Nick Cannon Chill At The Bowling Alley...With Blac Chyna, Nelly & Miss Jackson


 photo hatsm13_zps36857cc7.jpg

Amber Rose and Nick Cannon were spotted having a bowling night out...together.  And since they like to LOUDLY deny that they are dating, we'll just call it a bowling night out.  Check out the manager and his client, plus their friends Blac Chyna, Nelly & Miss Jackson, inside...

Somewhere in Studio City, CA last night, Nick Cannon was spotted at a local bowling alley.  He was keeping it low-key with his hood on, and his "client" Amber Rose and her tight white jeans were right by his side.

The two, who are both going through breakups, constantly deny they're dating.  SO that may be why they brought friends Amber Rose, Nelly & Miss Jackson along to further prove their point:

 photo hatsm7_zpse194ab41.jpg

 photo hatsm4_zps70fabbfa.jpg


Nick was spotted hopping in his car afterwards as well:

 photo hatsm11_zpsfdc7a96e.jpg photo hatsm9_zps5fcc044c.jpg

And it looked like Nelly was there to have some fun too with girlfriend Chantal Jackson:

 photo hatsm14_zpsef7fc086.jpg


 photo ScreenShot2014-11-06at20911PM_zpsd626f178.png

Chantel, who will be starring alongside her man Nelly in his upcoming BET reality series "Nellyville", posed it up with Daphne Joy and friends.

And Amber told the world it was Blac Chyna, Tyga's ex girlfriend, who she was taking out:

 photo hatsm2_zpsed10f20c.jpg     photo hatsm1_zps96079231.jpg 

And earlier in the day, she posted a pic with 4 stacks of cash to her ear saying she was calling her boyfriend.  Ha!


Photos: Amber's IG/Splash

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