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WATCH WORTHY: "F*CK IT I QUIT!" News Reporter Charlo Greene's EPIC Walkout & Cannabis RANT (And Explanation) + Nicole Murphy "Behind Closed Doors" With Johnny Gill!


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In a video that's gone viral, reporter Charlo Greene revealed her passion for cannabis as she quit her tv gig - LIVE - ON AIR - with the words, "F*ck It. I quit!"  Watch the clip inside, plus her follow up explanation, and see Nicole Murphy starring as Johnny Gill's chick in his upcoming video. 


For now, former Alaska reporter Charlo Greene is the most famous woman in television news. The ex-KTVA face has gone viral for quitting her gig on-air after revealing that she's choosing to follow her passion and dedicate her life to the legalization of marijuana in her state.

She said, "Now, everything you've heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska.

And as for this job, well...not that I have a choice, but f--k it, I quit."

EPIC!  However, don't try this at your own jobs kids, especially if you still need the benefits.

The station removed her profile from their website immediately and deleted the segment...but it didn't stop the video from going viral.

Charlo has not made any further public statements...but we're sure her friends in Alaska played "puff puff pass" all night.

By the way here's her explanation she just put out today:



In upcoming videos....


Eddie Murphy's ex-wife Nicole Murphy may raise a few eyebrows in her latest modeling gig. Nicole, the stunning mother of five and star of "Hollywood Exes" plays the girlfriend of Eddie's best friend Johnny Gill in his upcoming video "Behind Closed Doors."

In the preview, Nicole is on the cusp of finding out that Johnny is cheating in her. While we don't know if the video will include scenes of Johnny and Nicole getting intimate, we guess it could get a little weird.  But a job is a job.

And we suspect Nicole's "acting" in the video may pull on personal experience since it's ALLEGED her ex-fiance Michael Strahan was cheating on her...behind closed doors.



Photo via KTVA

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