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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Robin Thicke COMES CLEANS About Weed Possession & Why Wife Paula Patton Should Play WHITNEY HOUSTON!


Last night in D.C., R&B crooner Robin Thicke chatted exclusively with TheYBF.com about his recent arrest for weed possession, if there's a baby #2 in the works and why he thinks his wife Paula Patton should play Whitney Houston in the upcoming biopic (which he thinks is happening way too soon).  Deets inside....

Mr. Robin Thicke serenaded the packed Park at Fourteenth in Washington D.C.  last night.  The 35-year old singer performed “Love After War,” “Lost Without You,” “Pretty Little Heart,” and ended his set with the Marvin Gaye classic, “Sexual Healing.”  

He was every bit the laid back, smooth gentleman that we expected. Here’s what he shared with TheYBF.com about his and Paula Patton’s relationship, his son Julian's upcoming playdates with Blue Ivy Carter, who he thinks should play Whitney Houston in a biopic, and his weed bust.


YBF: Who do you think should play Whitney Houston in a movie?

Robin: "My wife [Paula Patton]! She reminds me of Whitney Houston.  And when she was first starting, she was going out on auditions, they were like ‘ you know you remind me of that Halle Berry meets Whitney Houston.’ She got that a lot when she first started. So she’s been getting a lot of Twitter’s and Google’s about her playing Whitney Houston. But I think it’s way too soon. I think anybody that tries to do Whitney within the next year or two is a big mistake."

"Everybody just wants to appreciate Whitney for the genius that she was, and let everything else come in a few years. Besides my remake of course. That wasn’t for attention, it was just out of appreciation. But everyone that’s gonna make a movie is gonna wanna make money off of it and it’s all gonna get jumbled and no one is gonna wanna tell the bad stuff because it’s too soon.  And then you wont get the real story that what makes a human being a human being is their greatness and weakness.  And Whitney was one of the greatest singers of all time, so it’s gonna be hard to tell that story honestly."

So you and Paula have been together since high school.  How have you both been able to channel the negative feedback towards your interracial relationship?

"If you've been dealing with it for twenty years, sooner or later you wouldn’t let it bother you anymore. We’re not worried about the interracial stuff because that's just other people having to deal with their own issues about how they see the world and how they've been treated. If you got a problem with any other race, then some of those races haven’t treated you right. I’ve learned that with us, we try to focus on taking care of our baby, taking care of each other, and trying to change the negativity in the world one day at a time instead of trying to change it all at once."

So your son Julian is having his 2nd birthday on April 6th, how are you all celebrating?

"We haven’t figured it out yet.  We don't know if it’s a Barney party or maybe doing pony rides. My wife says as long as there’s cotton candy, she’s happy. So cotton candy for mama and pony rides for the babies. My father has a place in Santa Barbara outside of L.A. that has a ranch with a lot of horses and stuff. I think we might just take a few of our friends and their kids to just have a baby day. We get enough adult days."

Will Julian be hanging out with other celebrity babies like Blue Ivy?

"I’m sure they’ll naturally end up hanging out. I mean, I was born in Hollywood so I have a lot of Hollywood friends. One of my most famous actor friends was talking about babies and said, ‘I gotta get one for the house.’  It was pretty funny, it was a good line. I think it’s natural, with who our friends are ,when they have children we’ll end up hanging out together. And Jay and Beyoncé are probably my most favorite couple in the whole world."

So are you all expecting to have another baby soon?

"No. Not expecting, not planning. We are protecting ourselves from it. I think because of our schedules and because of the amount of love, we are both big love bugs.  We have big hearts so we give the kid so much. I don't know how we could split that into another kid. Maybe in five years, but right now it seems like momma, and dada, and baby is plenty right now."

Any update on your recent legal situation?
"Oh, the weed? Oh no that's done."

Gotta love that Robin...


YBF D.C. Correspondents: Chance Jackson and Keshia Jeantel

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