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Teyana Taylor got caught up in another fight.  This time, with a stripper in the Miami club LIV.  Deets from the window breaking throwdown inside...


Singer/dancer Teyana Taylor posted the above pics on her Twitter page around 6Am the morning after her fight with a stripper named Skrawberry (we were actually told her name is "Skrawberry" but we're hoping that was just an exaggeration Apparently her name IS actually Skrawberry).  Teyana tweeted that she could still show her (unscathed) face.

It all went down inside Club LIV where Mary J. Blige was performing for Queen Latifah's birthday.  After making a visit to King of Diamonds stripclub where Skrawberry works, Skrawberry got jealous, according to Teyana's friend, that Ms. Taylor was receiving all the attention.  Ish talking ensued.

So last night, Skrawberry tried to apologize and approached the table Teyana was at with her rapper friend Hazel-E and NFLer Bryant McKinney.  Skrawberry ended up sneaking a punch to Teyana's face. 

Hazel-E tells TheYBF.com: "Miami stripper Skrawberry came over to the table where Teyana Taylor was.  NFLer Bryant Mckinney saw the two ladies exchanging words & as Teyana bent down to grab her drink, Skrawberry sucker punched her.  But it was the first and last hit she got. Teyana & her crew laid Skrawberry out.  She left the club leakign and wearing her dress as a belt."

Check out a pic during the fight below (Teyana on the left):

But that wasn't all.  An hour later after the club fight, Teyana and Hazel-E got jumped by Skrawberry's sister! 

"Teyana and her crew were outside the Fontainebleau hotel, retrieving their belongings that were left inside club LIV from the first bout," Hazel tells TheYBF.com. "All of a sudden, Skrawberry's sister runs up behind Teyana and grabbed her hair. The ladies fell into the bushes by the window where two guys that were brawling busted through."

Looks like two different fights contributed to the broken window seen below:

A mess. 

Teyana's rep has not yet responded to us about the matter.

*UPDATE* Here's a pic of Ms. Skawberry:

She tweeted about the situation: I can only RT. I can NOT discuss actions from last night :).

That was before she went on to call Teyana a "broke b*tch" and said she had more celeb credit than Teyana.


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