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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Tamron Hall DEBUTS Natural Hair On "TODAY" + Amber Rose STRIKES A Pose For Her Own "Rose And Ono" Store


 photo taddsdererreese.png

Fabulous "TODAY" anchor Tamron Hall caught the attention of naturalistas everywhere for the first time.  Decide if we love it inside and see new pics of Amber Rose showing off her new clothing store....

 photo tslddsegrgreg.png

Earlier today, Tamron Hall (shown above with Al Roker) appeared at the TODAY show anchor desk rocking her natural hair.  Why is this a big deal?  For starters...it was her first time doing so.  She admitted on Twitter that the decision came about because she was too tired to use a flat iron this morning....

 photo tasddwdwewe2eop2w.png


Her appearance inspired several tweets that questioned the meaning of "natural."  Tamron responded, "no chemical or heat."

 photo tsmddffdrwd.png

"TODAY" viewers answered a poll and decided that they loved Tamron's hair...

 photo BrJDVQxCMAAgVF1.jpg


Famed hair stylist, Johnny Wright (who's worked with Tamron and who's also credited with creating First Lady Michelle Obama's bangs) told TheYBF.com, "She looks awesome. I love it!!" 

He also tweeted, "@tamronhall went natural for the 1st time on TV. I'm loving it!! #yes #fresh #fountainofyouth #glowing"







And online...... 

 photo amdsdwwwe.png

Amber Rose uploaded new photos of herself in clothes from her online boutique "Rose And Ono."

 photo wewwefwefwe39f0233.png

The online store is described as a "haven" for rebels of all sizes.

 photo amdsdwwweeeewwwcw.png

 photo ad033wefwe.png

Yesterday, the fashion loving chick dined out with reality star Emily B.



Pics via Tamron's Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/AMber Rose's Instagram

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