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RUMOR CONTROL: Polow Da Don Claims Chris Brown Is NOT Locked Up + Police Say Floyd Mayweather Incident Is A “Rumor”


 photo chris-brown-not-locked-up.png

Is Chris Brown REALLY in jail? Polow Da Don says he’s not. Plus, the Las Vegas police department say the incident with Floyd Mayweather and his former employees is a rumor…for now. Check the deets inside…

On Friday there were credible reports that Chris Brown had been arrested and hauled off back to jail for violating his probation.

Chris was reportedly kicked out of rehab for, according to a source, violating “internal rules” (which had nothing to do with fighting or drugs).

Although he successfully completed his original 90 day sentence, a judge (or himself...we've heard both stories) extended his "treatment" last month while his Washington D.C. assault case runs its course.

Producer Polow Da Don posted a pic (above) of Chris Brown and himself in the studio announcing Breezy was NOT locked up.  It's unclear if this is a current pic.

He said:

 photo Polow-tweet.png


We’re not sure if Polow found an old pic and decided to post this to distract what’s really going on…


Chris Brown shared a quick sneak peek teaser for his “Loyal” music video featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga. The visuals are expected to drop sometime next week.

Check it:

And in other news …

 photo Floyd-Mayweather.jpg

A few days ago, boxing champ Floyd Mayweather had been accused of overseeing a "Breaking Bad" style-beatdown of two former employees.

NOW…a Las Vegas police spokesman tells the NY Daily News that the police department is not currently investigating the incident and is nothing more than a rumor.

The public information officer for the Las Vegas police department, Laura Meltzer, said no one has come forward claiming to be a victim of the alleged attack and no police report has been filed.

“So I’ve been trying to put this rumor to rest all week. We’ve had a variety of reports that have come out stating this event occurred. We have not had a victim come forward and make a report like what is being alleged. So if this event occurred, it’s something where the victim has not come forward to the police to make an official complaint.”

“As of right now, the bureau commander over there is not aware of any complaint that has been officially filed,” she said. “So again, if this is a victim who is choosing not to come forward and make a report - then that’s up to the victim to do. We don’t have any say in that. There is no criminal complaint on file so there is no reason to go and contact Mr. Mayweather.”

According to credible reports, Floyd was accused of confronting two of his employees for stealing jewelry, which ended up leading to an off-site confrontation.

The men supposedly alleged that Floyd's goons beat them senseless using various weapons, including clubs. The men supposedly claimed they were so badly bruised that they had broken arms and legs and were hospitalized!

So far, there has not been any contact with an attorney representing the victims, despite reports of the men retaining a lawyer.


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Photos: Polow Da Don’s IG/Chris Brown’s IG

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