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Diddy SHARES Thoughts About Whitney Houston On "ELLEN," Says She Was Full Of Life


Diddy stopped by "ELLEN" today where he shared his thoughts on the life and legacy of Whitney Houston. Find out what he said inside and get the latest on Whitney's funeral.

Earlier, Diddy, who executive produced the Oscar-nominated documentary Undefeated, stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” where he talked about Whitney Houston's legacy. 

He revealed that he attended her wedding to Bobby Brown and always found her to be full of life and joy.  Most importantly, he added that she had a way of making everyone feel special. 

Though Diddy didn't mention if he would be attending the funeral, it was revealed earlier today that Whitney's co-star in The Bodyguard, Kevin Costner, will be one of the speakers.  Oprah was just revealed to have received an invitation to the services. The family also revealed that Clive Davis will speak as well. A source said,  

"Clive has been a complete rock for her family this entire time. He's been with her since the beginning, and he's been everything to them. They're leaning on him for emotional support. He talks to them hourly, and he's a very big part in planning her funeral. Clive has been a constant presence for them. They're thanking God for Clive."

Though the funeral is invitation only, it will be made available for live television and web streaming.  

It's sure to be an uplifting ceremony as, announced yesterday, Aretha Franklin (Whitney's godmother) and Stevie Wonder will both sing at the service on Saturday.


Watch Diddy's segment here:

Ellen: I know that you were one of the first at Clive Davis’ party to speak about Whitney’s passing the other day. Did you know her well?

Diddy: Yes, I did. I actually when I was growing up in the music industry before I had success I some how got on her wedding invitation. So I was at her wedding but I didn’t really know her but it was one of the hottest things in town for the music industry …I didn’t crash the party. Some how you know, I was a hustler. I got my name on there me, plus one. I was just like, oh my god. I’m at Whitney Houston’s wedding. I was a big Bobby Brown fan. Through out the years I got to meet her. She was so full of life. So full of just joy. She always made you feel that she noticed you and recognized you and spoke to you. She’ll definitely truly be missed.

Ellen: She will. I agree. She was an amazing talent and it’s heart breaking really. It’s very, very sad.


Photo via Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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