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Antoine Dodson's Having A Baby Y'all!


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Antoine Dodson--the famed "Bedroom Intruder" Youtube star who randomly said last year he is no longer gay--is now expecting a baby with his girlfriend.


Deets inside...

After railing & disowning the gay community a few months ago and trying to convince the world he has changed his life and is "no longer gay", Antoine Dodson is about to welcome a brand new baby with his "Queen" as he calls her.

Even though he had plenty of "Christian talk" to back up his reasoning from converting to heterosexuality, he must have skipped the chapter on babies out of wedlock.  It seems as though he and his "Queen" aren't married.  So if you're going to act holier than thou about one thing and rail an entire community because of your "Christian beliefs", you best be that way about everything else too.  But we all know that's never the case....

Anywho, pray-the-gay-away-believer Antoine took to his Facebook & Twitter pages today to say:

I just became the happiest man alive!! My beautiful Queen and I are having a baby!!



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Photo: Antoine's FB


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