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Chaka Khan TALKS Whitney's Death, Says Clive Davis Should Have CANCELLED His Party!


Music icon Chaka Khan stopped by Piers Morgan's CNN show last night where she disagreed with Clive Davis saying there's no way Whitney would have attended a party if one of her friends had just died. She would not have wanted the music to keep playing. Get the deets inside.....

Chaka chatted with Piers Morgan last night and opened up about the death of friend Whitney Houston.

She said that Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party was "insanity" with one half of the room partying and the other half in tears. She added that she can't imagine Whitney would have said that "the show must go on."

Chaka revealed Whitney was the kind of woman who who has said, "I won't be there," if one of her friends died. She interestingly added that she blames whomever flew Whitney out to LA for a full week before the Grammys for what happened.

Talking about her own addiction, Chaka said entertainers are vulnerable and there are too many temptations in LA for someone like Whitney to be there for a FULL week with pretty much nothing to do except party.

Meanwhile, Whitney's body has been flown to New Jersey, via Tyler Perry's private jet, where the funeral will be taking place at the Prudential Center her childhood church and will be invite only.

Watch the clips below:




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