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Sean Kingston SUED Over ALLEGED Gang Rape + Big Freedia "The Queen Of Bounce" OFFERS Miley Cyrus Some Twerking Advice, "Don't Do It"


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Singer Sean Kingston is being sued for an alleged gang rape that took place in 2010.  Get the deets inside and hear what Big Freedia, the reigning "Queen Of Bounce" had to say about Miley Cyrus and her twerking.  Her bottom line was, "Don't do it!"  


"Beat It" singer Sean Kingston is facing a serious lawsuit from a former fan who claims he and his bodyguard gang raped her during a drunk encounter in 2010.

In the lawsuit, Carissa Capeloto (who's now 22) says she had smoked pot and downed 7-10 shots of vodka before she was forced to have sex with Sean, his bodyguard and a member of Sean's band at a Seattle hotel.

From what TMZ described, Carissa gave a very explicit account of what allegedly happened saying,

"she'd been invited to Kingston's hotel room for a meet-and-greet following a Bieber concert -- where Kingston had also performed -- but when she showed up ... Kingston was waiting naked on his bed. Capeloto claims the bodyguard picked her up and placed her on top of Kingston, and all three of the men proceeded to gang rape her while she was "obviously intoxicated, incapable of consent."

Carissa says she was rescued by a friend and was taken to the hospital where she was treated for physical injuries consistent with rape. She now wants $5 million.

It's worth mentioning that cops dropped criminal charges against Sean in 2010 after they concluded that Carissa wasn't credible enough for a legit case.  For his part, Sean has filed his own legal docs insisting the sex was 100% consensual. Also, Sean has been tweeting about being a child of God and how "the devil is working."

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We're not judging....but where was that "child of GOD" during that three-on-one in 2010?   Just saying....

Their court date is set for November.




And in other music news......

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We're all TWERKED-OUT with all these mentions of Miley Cyrus, but you have to hear what New Orleans' own Big Freedia had to say about the situation.

Big Freedia, the reigning "Queen of Bounce", has a new reality show hitting FUSE in October, and she's positioned herself as an expert in twerking.  You know, since "twerking" has been around since BEFORE MILEY WAS EVEN BORN.

During a recent interview with FUSE to promote the show, Big Freedia gave some insight into the origins of bounce and twerking and offered Miley some hilarious advice.  And we co-sign every bit of it.  Here are the tee-hee worthy highlights: 

What did you think of Miley's performance?

She was going too far. She's trying to twerk, but don't know how to twerk. It's become offensive to a lot of people who've been twerking and shaking their asses for years, especially in the black culture. But it's also helpful because it's putting twerking on the map around the world. I've been transforming twerking for the last three years around the world and for her to just come out of the blue and just start twerking, a lot of people are very offended by it, especially in New Orleans. When something get hot, everybody want to jump on the bandwagon and act like they created it. That's totally understandable but they have to give credit where credit is due.

Were you personally offended or just found it offensive in general?

In general; not to me. She may be familiar with me, but she don't know I'm the Queen of Twerking. But it's offensive to black culture and black women who've been twerking for years. Every time we do something, people want to snatch it and run with it and put their name on it. And they still don't even have the moves down yet. Just get me and Miley together so I could give her ass some lessons.

You used the phrase "trying to twerk" instead of "twerk."

Yeah. When you have my dancers, they're professionals. They're from New Orleans and know what they're doing . When they started dancing, it was original twerking. Miley's dancers were prop dancers. None of them were professional dancers. So yeah, she was trying to twerk.

Twerking's been around for more than 20 years. Is it weird to see it blow up in the past few years or did you expect that?

I expected it would happen, but by me working so hard, I didn’t think it would happen that way. That's why I'm working so hard; for it to happen on my end, not on the end of someone who's not even familiar with the culture. That's what's so offensive, when you've been doing it for so many years and then someone who just jumped off the porch tries to do it.

Going back to Miley, let's say you were the choreographer and saw her performance as a dress rehearsal. What specific tips would you have given her?

Don't do it.


Teeheeee.  Read the full interview here



Watch the trailer for Big Freedia FUSE TV reality show "Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce" here and it debuts October 2nd:





Photo via Erika Goldring/Getty Images/PCN

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