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NeNe Leakes TWEETS About Her "Fab" Birthday Gifts


NeNe Leakes has joined Evelyn Lozada as one of those people who overshare so much on Twitter about their luxury gifts.  And folks are saying the ish is getting tacky.  All day, the "RHOA" star has been tweeting about the fabulous birthday gifts she has received from mysterious givers....and she includes pics.  Tacky much?  You decide...

Don't get me wrong, we'e all happy that NeNe Leakes is "very rich" and living a great life and all. But by tweeting all these "expensive" gifts, does it make her look obnoxious? 

It all got started earlier today as she kicked off her 43rd birthday celebrations. 

First she tweeted a new Birkin:

Yes it's my Birthday & I'm working n Hollywood so I'll celebrate later! Heres my first gift of the day


Then she said,

My hotel room is full of birthday gifts because I'm workin all day. here's another cute gift! Cork Louboutins

And then we got a tidbit about her personal life....

Just got the sweetest call from boo sayin he just landed n LA 2 b wit me while I work 2day

So....she has a right to be happy and enjoy nice things.  And she should even tell friends about her fab gifts. 

But is this tacky to tweet it to the world to impress people?

It's early in California so she's probably just getting started.....

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