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Marcus Jordan ACCIDENTALLY Tweets Pic Of His Privates, Deletes Twitter Account (NSFW) + R. Kelly LEAVES Concert-Goers WAITING For 2 Hours (And Drops "My Story" Single)


 photo MarcusJordanEleVenVenusWilliams2013PresentationSXw762vREysx.jpg

Marcus Jordan, the son of famed NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan, accidentally tweeted a pic of his penis!  See the "piece" pic inside and find out what R. Kelly did to upset his fans during a performance over the weekend.  (NSFW uncensored pic inside!)


The men in the Jordan clan might know how to wrap their thumbs around a few basketballs, but when it comes to keystrokes, Marcus Jordan seems to miss the mark on Twitter.  You'd think Marcus would know how to send a DM....but his thumb slipped and sent his d*ck pic to his public profile, i.e., the entire world.

 photo mjtweetfdh.png

So what do you do what you accidentally show the world your business"  First....you apologize and save face..... 

 photo mjtweets.png


Then you quickly "recall" that your Twitter account had been hacked!  That wasn't your penis!  Your social media accounts have been compromised!

 photo mjtweets5.png


SMH.  For what it's worth....that pic was NOTHING to be ashamed of.  We wouldn't expect anything less from the son of one of the greatest basketball players of all time.   


And in bad concert etiquette......

 photo RKellyInsidetheBETAwardsGxAY9HBTnqIl.jpg

On Saturday, R. Kelly pissed off more than a few of his fans when he dared hit the stage at Macy's Music Festival two hours late. And here's the kicker....he never addressed his tardiness once hit took to the stage to FINALLY start his set!

Prior to his late arrival, local reports say fans left the festival in droves, having grown tired of waiting for the Pied Pier past midnight.

On Sunday, someone must have tipped of R. that his behavior was rude because he did issue an apology on Twitter,

"Hey Cinci fans. (sic) Sorry about the tech problems last night. Thanks for hanging in there to see me perform. You are the best!"

Also, Macy's Music Festival spokesperson Frances Santangelo stated the show was delayed by 50 minutes "due to Mr. Kelly's late arrival".   It should be noted, that "50 minutes" is disputed by nearly ALL of the fans at the concert who put it much closer to 2-hours.

Get it together Kellz!


Kellz released his latest single, "My Story" featuring 2 Chainz today.  It's the first single to come off of Kellz’s forthcoming 12th album, "Black Panties" (no release date).


The randomness:

1.  Regina King rejoining the cast of "The Big Bang Theory".  Story.

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