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LOVE LOVE: Nicki Minaj (Flashing An Engagement Ring) & NeNe Leakes DINE OUT In Beverly Hills In LOVE Tees


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"Love" is in the air and on the bosoms of reality tv star Nene Leakes and rapper Nicki Minaj.  Find out where the ladies spread their "love" last night inside....

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Rapper Nicki Minaj was spotted leaving dinner at Crustacean in Beverly Hills yesterday rocking a "Love Dirty" shirt.

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The "High School" rapper kept puposely flashing a big rock on her left hand, which might lead some people to keep up the long time assumption that she's engaged.  And to SB.  She's been rocking a ring on this finger for over a year now.  And even though she acts all coy when asked about her & SB's relationship, she surely likes to flash that ring to get people to continue to ask her.  Go figure.

Coincidentally, DJ Khaled proposed to Nicki via a viral video on MTV a few days, and the ring he offered her looks quite "similar" to the ring she's wearing. 

Do we believe they're engaged to be married?  No.  We believe they're engaged...in a big publicity stunt to sell a few records. And we'll let you know how that goes.....


In case you missed it....watch DJ Khaled's proposal.....

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Also in Beverly Hills......

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NeNe Leakes was seen leaving dinner at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills last night.

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And like Nicki M, Nene was also seen rocking a "Love" tee.

Although Nene had love sprawled across her chest, she clearly had no "love" for a disgruntled wedding planner she threw shots at on Twitter. 

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In fact, Nene's $1.8 Million wedding could end up "costing" her a great deal more if a judge doesn't toss out a lawsuit filed by Tiffany Cook, who claims Nene never paid her for her services.  Weirdly, Nene acts as though she's never worked with Tiffany, only a planner named Tony.  But we hear Tiffany was the ORIGINAL planner, so apparently things got a little dicey during the planning process.

We'll see how the "love" plays out in court.

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