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Toni Braxton Says She's Working On Her "Slutness" On "Chelsea Lately," Fights With Tamar Over Who's REALLY Boss



Toni Braxton stopped by Chelsea Handler's show last night.  And she talked about her new white boyfriend not knowing shes also still dating her ex husband.  Maybe it's because she's not comfy with the "slut" in her yet.  Her words.


Peep the video, plus the altercations from this week's "Braxton Family Values" inside....

On last night's "Chelsea Lately," Toni talked about her love life and being surrounded by family a little too much.

On her "something new" boyfriend

"I'm playing in the snow.  It's great.  White people smell different.  I can't explain it--but they just do.  He likes to go hiking--black people don't hike.  He likes kayaking and stuff like that.  But other than that, it's the same."

On her inner slut

"I've gone out on a couple dates with my ex husband.  But the white guy I'm dating doesn't know.  We [Toni and her white boyfriend] haven't had sex yet.  I've been locked down for 10 years. I'm not comfortable with the slut in me yet.  I'm working on her though."


And here's a few clips from this Thursday's episode where Toni and Tamar HaveItOut.com.  Toni has to school Tamar on who's the real star of the family, and defends her decision to fire Vince as her manager:


"Braxton Family Values" airs Thursdays on WeTV.

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