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Eve Talks Raising Future Bi-Racial Kids With Her Boyfriend, "I Want Them To Be Colorblind"


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Eve is on full promo mode as she prepares to drop her new album Liplock.  And she recently dished about how she plans to raise her future kids with her now-boyfriend, British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper.  Check out what she said about  teaching the kiddies about their racial identity and raising them "colorblind"....

The fab 34-year-old Eve is in a totally different space than her "Love Is Blind" days.  Instead of going hard with the fellas rocking a fresh baldie, she's a true girly girl now who's giggly like a school girl when talking about her boo, Maximillion.  And she's got babies on the brain.

She's still got a little of that pitbull-in-a-skirt in her, but the"She Bad" rapper chatted it up with VIBE VIXEN about all things girly.  We're hearing about her hot and ever changing style (she styles herself!), why she's so open about her romantic relationship and how the twosome will raise their kids.

Here are the highlights:

On being more open about her relationship and deciding what to share and what to keep to herself: I have to say, it is pretty hard. I think you can get so comfortable with sharing that you don't even realize like "Oooh!" But at the same time, I feel like I've been really good at being private. Like, I think we keep it to a minimum. We might write tweets and say we love each other and things like that, but I don't really put out much personal information about us or what we're exactly doing. It's like "I love you baby. Thank you" or whatever, but never anything too personal.

On teaching her children about race + identity: I want them to be colorblind, but I do want them to understand both sides of themselves. I'm a black woman and I love being a black woman. And I think my child should know that black part of themselves. But obviously at the same time, their father would be white and I would want them to know that side of themselves. And British! That's a whole other situation (laughs). But in doing that, I think they can be colorblind. I don't want them to see color. I never did. I grew up in the hood and my mother was very good at it not being a black thing, even though I grew up around all black people. I want them to want to know everything about all kinds of races. And hopefully they will.

On who she would form a super group with: I would have to say me and Swizz (Beatz). Definitely. Like me and Swizz could make a full record. But then I would add to that me, Swizz, Missy. I would add Missy. And I would want to add one more. (Long pause) Andre 3000. I'm ready for the tour (laughs)!

On her style constantly evolving: You know what? Honestly, to my friend today, this morning, I was like, "Girl, I think I'm about to cut my hair off." Like, I'm feeling it! But I don't want to go back to retro me (laughs).

On her favorite part about styling herself: It's fun! It's an accessory. It's like putting on a bracelet or a ring. Even my boyfriend teases me. Like I'm the first black girl he's dated and we've been together three years. And he's like in every vacation picture, I have different hair. Like, who are you? But I can't help it.

On being a girly girl: Oh, I'm a girly girl. But that's another thing. I'm schizophrenic because I love my sweatpants, too. That's the first thing I do when I go to a hotel or when I come home. I put on something comfortable.

Eve's Liplock hits shelves May 14th.


Photo: Instagram

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