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EXCLUSIVE: Torrei Hart Spills Her TRUTH About Divorcing Kevin Hart, Says "There Was NO Pre-Nup!"


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On Friday, reports hit the net that Torrei Hart and Kevin Hart have finalized their split...and the division of assets.  Ex-wife and comedienne Torrei is now telling TheYBF.com exclusively that the reports were wrong, there was NO pre-nup.  And she tells us all about the marital and divorce drama she's leaving in the past...

Yesterday's report from TMZ stated that Torrei received $175,000 and a car and jewelry in the divorce settlement with comedian Kevin Hart, all based on their supposed pre-nup.  Now, Torrei exclusively tells TheYBF.com that report was wrong.  She says there was absolutely NO pre-nup.  The court's decision on assets was mostly based on Torrei ending the courtroom battle.

Torrei tells us she simply ended the messy proceedings.  So messy that she physically attacked Kevin's divorce lawyer last year (said lawyer is interestingly now Torrei's attorney).

The ex-Mrs. Hart says during their almost 10 years of marriage, she helped Kevin (who now has a model girlfriend named Eniko) build his empire into what it is today, like many first wives do.  She claims that despite the Laugh At My Pain comic constantly spinning the divorce his way, she has decided to focus on her new career and the couple's two kids, Heaven& Hendrix.

Here's the REAL deal on what went down, according to our exclusive chat with the comedienne.

Torrei on the Marriage & Legal Woes: There was no pre-nuptial agreement. Kevin and I have known each other ever since we were very young, and we genuinely loved each other. I knew Kevin when we both had very little. We built our love, our marriage, our family, and the Hart Empire from scratch together.

On attacking Attorney Debra Opri: Many news outlets have chosen to spin Kevin and I’s divorce proceedings in many ways. The truth of the matter is, yes I did attack Debra Opri and I am unapologetic for my actions. No one wants to be painted falsely in a negative light. With the immense amount of legal and emotional pressure that I was under, I think almost anyone can understand. A majority of the court’s final decision came from me simply being tired of going to court and fighting battles over money and material things. I’m a hardworking black woman; I know how to hold my own. In the end, the legal drama and the money drama were not worth it. Ironically, Debra Opri, is my attorney now, and we are close acquaintances.

On Kevin Hart: Kevin is a great father to both of our beautiful children. Like all marriages, we’ve been through a lot together. At the end of the day, Kevin knows the truth. He knows that I was the strong woman by his side every step of the way. I am nowhere near perfect, and I can admit that I have flaws, but he knows what I’ve had to endure over the last several years. Although things have been up and down, Kevin and I are actually really good friends. I recently had a yacht birthday party (pictured above), and Kevin paid for everything. We have children together, and our goal is to make sure that we provide a nurturing environment for them at all costs.

On Future Plans: I am, and always have been in full work mode. I recently Executive Produced and acted a short film titled “Victim of Circumstance,” which is being submitted to several film festivals. I also create sketch comedy on my YouTube channel“PrettyFunnyFish” with my partner Simone Shepherd. Moreover, I plan on going full speed ahead into comedic, as well as, dramatic acting. I am no stranger to entertainment, and I know what it takes to be successful in this industry. I am currently in talks with a few networks and have some really big things coming down the pipeline that I am not at liberty to disclose as of yet…but The YBF will be the first to know as soon as I have the green light from my team to speak on it!


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In a public statement yesterday via her PR rep, Torrei also revealed she isn't focusing on the cheating Kevin did during their marriage, because she's moving forward with the career she says he didn't allow her to have:

"I could go into detail about extra-marital affairs, and other problems that many American couples have, but I won’t. Some who’ve walked in these shoes would boast, 'I’ve lived the Diary of a Mad Black Woman… almost scene by scene,' but I won’t.

I am not disheartened by the way things have turned out. It is no surprise to me. Kevin has chosen to be very vocal with his spin on his affairs and life choices."

And she ended with a bit of positivity:

"Although a position of honor, I always knew I was destined to do & be more than the house-wife Kevin allowed me to be. I know the dreams and plans God has for me....

I, Torrei Hart, will be a pillar for hundreds of thousands of women who are afraid to live life after life with their wealthy and/or powerful husbands. Women are too often defined by the pocket-size of their “pocket-sized” husbands. We are desperate for more positive role-models who are living examples of women who work and hold our own while we are yet “good help” to a grateful husband."

So, there you have it.


Photos: Torrei's Instagram

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