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PARTY FAB: Solange Knowles, Flo Rida, Swizz Beatz, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, Jordin Sparks & MORE PARTYING In New Orleans


 photo SamsungGalaxyShangriLaPartyNewOrleansN-4tfie4a6el.jpg

Flo Rida and Jamie Foxx were among the famous faces seen in New Orleans for Super Bowl weekend.  See pics of other celebs like Solange, Jennifer Hudson and Lil' Jon on the Bayou city party scene inside...  

 photo LacosteGQSuperBowlParty2UqBTH-DWuNl.jpg

After playing flag football earlier in the day, Lil Wayne hit the stage for the Lacoste/GQ Super Bowl Party at The Elms Mansion in New Orleans last night. 

 photo LacosteGQSuperBowlPartyPMz660vF3X1l.jpg

 photo LacosteGQSuperBowlPartyDL1YpnhYF2cl.jpg

Weezy, who nearly came to blows with a spectator during the football game, channeled all of that energy into a great performance.  

 photo LacosteGQSuperBowlPartyqCah-i9Pi9Zl.jpg

 photo LacosteGQSuperBowlPartyPM2NKNPNU_Pl.jpg

 photo LacosteGQSuperBowlParty0cHPEqKCFbrl.jpg

 photo LacosteGQSuperBowlPartykKjPn4mfERAl.jpg

But before Weezy entertained the crowd, Rebecca and Terry Crews did a few interviews and a little shopping for charity at the GQ event.

 photo LacosteGQSuperBowlPartyPLvps_HJTpKl.jpg

 photo LacosteGQSuperBowlPartyWSux9xD1zoal.jpg

Actor Jesse Williams, who also played in the football game, posed for pics and checked out a few items at the Elms Mansion as well.

 photo LacosteGQSuperBowlParty4m4WHcRv2P4l.jpg

And Beyonce's February 2013 cover dominated the GQ/Lacoste lounge.

 photo AudiCelebratesSuperBowl2013AudiForumALXPxoA0Xt0l.jpg

TV personality Sway was seen at the Audi Forum party at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

 photo AudiCelebratesSuperBowl2013AudiForummT5dPn5aYW3l.jpg

"Losing You" singer Solange appeared at the Audi event too.

 photo AudiCelebratesSuperBowl2013AudiForumb8SNkeT4gO3l.jpg

Later, she jumped on her MacBook Pro and got the crowd moving. 

 photo LilJonAudiCelebratesSuperBowl2013Audi3OglxR_-WD6l.jpg

Lil' Jon also took a turn on the mic for the Audi audience. 

 photo JanelleMonaeBudLightHotelBringsGoodJzeuK9_OjPul.jpg

Meanwhile, Janelle Monae performed onstage at the Bud Light Hotel.

 photo JanelleMonaeBudLightHotelBringsGoodE7YVLHSLdoUl.jpg

 photo JanelleMonaeBudLightHotelBringsGoodyf-TNbC1j-wl.jpg

 photo JanelleMonaeBudLightHotelBringsGoodbx_PUmAHlPXl.jpg

In addition to a stellar solo set, Janelle performed with one of her idols.

 photo StevieWonderBudLightHotelBringsGood_1m-_y7ErW0l.jpg

Stevie Wonder was a part of the concert which also included Gary Clark Jr. at the Bud Light Hotel.

 photo StevieWonderBudLightHotelBringsGoodEtLhU3EGxkIl.jpg

He also performed with his daughter Aisha Morris.

 photo SamsungGalaxyShangriLaPartyNewOrleansY6zRB_zQpfpl.jpg

And Jennifer Hudson was spotted at the Samsung Galaxy “Shangri-La” Party.

 photo SamsungGalaxyShangriLaPartyNewOrleanstWqwSRb6R9fl.jpg

She serenaded her Dreamgirls co-star Jamie Foxx.

 photo SamsungGalaxyShangriLaPartyNewOrleansypANI9pRqgIl.jpg

 photo SamsungGalaxyShangriLaPartyNewOrleans-Ckq0if4Y2Rl.jpg

Jamie also put his vocals to good use on the mic.

 photo SwizzBeatz1OAKNewOrleansPresentedLOGICjTMGVqDIWYJl.jpg

DJ Swizz Beatz attended the 1 OAK party presented By LOGIC Electronic Cigarettes.

 photo SwizzBeatz1OAKNewOrleansPresentedLOGICgVWVyL1BJsXl.jpg

The event was held at Jax Brewery.

 photo SwizzBeatz1OAKNewOrleansPresentedLOGICfaAHbDdkgvil.jpg

 photo SwizzBeatz1OAKNewOrleansPresentedLOGICCcJGerOioQ1l.jpg

Swizz Beatz keep the crowd's feet moving on the turntables.

 photo AnthonyMackieGivingBackFund4thAnnualyG2XCYX9Ccll.jpg

Anthony Mackie, who just landed a role in The Avengers 2, attended The Giving Back Fund's 4th Annual Big Game Big Give Super Bowl Celebration.

 photo JordinSparksGivingBackFund4thAnnualf5kmFP-dJE3l.jpg

NY Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz posed with singer Jordin Sparks on the red carpet.

 photo JordinSparksGivingBackFund4thAnnualjEJq2o3CSGgl.jpg

Jordin wore a Bailey dress and YSL shoes.

 photo JordinSparksGivingBackFund4thAnnualjraEm_9vDLKl.jpg

After walking the carpet, Jordin performed for the crowd gathered at the event. 

 photo JordinSparksGivingBackFund4thAnnualgdKn04GkDfOl.jpg

Fun fact, Jordin's dad used to play for the NY Giants. 


 photo LilWayneDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebritytYf44di9ikJl.jpg

Pics have emerged from the shouting match that Lil' Wayne was involved in after the DirecTV Beach bowl yesterday.

 photo LilWayneDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityDqa_o7tTuUkl.jpg

Lil' wayne was a party of the White Team, who lost the match, but seemed to have an issue with a cameraman...not one of his opponents.

 photo LilWayneDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrity9MdRVf6Alpsl.jpg

Deadspin reports that Weezy rushed at the guy but was held back by Desmond Howard.

 photo LilWayneDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrity_jJFghD7D7Il.jpg

 The issue was obviously resolved because Wayne made it to the GQ concert later that night.


Photos via Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America/Ryan Theriot/Getty Images North America/Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America/ Cindy Ord/Getty Images North America/Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images North America/Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images North America

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