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WTF?! Chris Brown And Frank Ocean FIST FIGHT Over A PARKING Space!!!


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Apparently there's no parking at the studio as a big misunderstanding in an LA parking lot put both Chris Brown and Frank Ocean in the middle of a six-man fight. Deets inside...

Chris Brown might have been one of the few artists to speak nicely & publicly about Frank Ocean's "coming out" a few months ago, but no kind words were spoken yesterday in LA as the two men and their crews engaged in a nasty battle at the studio.

Though sources from both sides insist the "other" group started the fight, TMZ reports that Chris and his crew were leaving (or trying to leave) Westlake Studio when they were "blocked" by Frank and his friends. Allegedly, Frank (who's performing at the 2013 Grammys) said,"This is my studio, this is my parking spot."  What is this? You Got Served, the studio version?

One report says Chris tried to shake Frank's hand as a peace offering but someone from Frank's crew hit Chris. From there, one of Chris' friends hit the guy that attacked Chris and a fight between all of the men jumped off. During the brawl, Frank allegedly came at Chris and Chris responded by pushing him away.  And then they started brawling.

At least that's one way the story has been told....

Though we're sure Chris will say Frank started it and vice versa, LAPD is calling Frank "the victim" because he's the one who stayed around to talk to the cops (Chris left the scene).  Sigh.

As of now, no charges have been filed and there were no arrests...but the cops would like to talk to Chris.

SMH....And you might recall what happened the last time cops "talked" to Chris before the 2009 Grammys....

Though both artists are infamous for their Twitter rants, only Frank has spoken up about the fight where he says it will impact his Grammy performance.

 photo franktweetie_zpse0e4b6a8.png

By the way, Chris has a verbally violent history with Frank & Odd Future.  Guess this is what happens when people take Twitter to the streets.


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*UPDATE* Chris was in the studio with his new artist Sevyn Streeter and Timbaland and several others around the time of the brawl.  He posted a pic of himself, Sevyn, singer Eric Bellinger, Mario, singer/producer RoccStar, and artist Sabrina Antoinette.

He posted the pic post-fight just 3 hours ago saying, "Working on my album. Not working on negativity. Focus on feeding ya family. Bullshit will forever be in the shadows."

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