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Rich Dollaz & Olivia Dish Up To The Breakfast Club The Drama With Erica Mena On "Love & Hip Hop 3"



Rich Dollaz & Olivia Longott are making their promo rounds today before "Love & Hip Hop 3" premieres tonight.  And the original cast members stopped by The Breakfast Club to dish all on Rich's "engagement," the drama between Olivia & Erica Mena, Rich's reluctance to admit he's in a relationship with Erica, and more.

The convo kicked off with Rich Dollaz denying the engagement between himself and co-star Erica Mena.  He claims he was being sarcastic when he said he was.  And despite the fact he was tonguing Erica down a few times during last Thursday's premiere party, he had a hard time during the interview admitting they're even together.  And he's "trying" to be monogamous. WOMP.

The two discussed the issue among Rich, Erica & Olivia.  They explain that the true issue is that Olivia feels with Rich repping Erica now professionally, their brand is being jeopardized.  Olivia says that Erica thought that sleeping with Rich would get her to a higher echelon.  And Charlamagne hilariously told Rich he's wasting his time trying to promote a recording career for Erica Mena. 

Olivia says she and her boyfriend Terance Kinsey are doing just fine.  And he won't be making an appearance on the show.

DISCLAIMER: Maybe thanks to the Ciroc and all the other drinks that caused Rich to be very tipsy that nght (by his own admission) caused him to think he was being more sarcastic than he really was.  We were there.  We were told the same statement by Rich that he and Erica were "getting married."  And we don't and never have blatantly lied around these parts.  Not our steez.  Obviously, Rich's blatant statement of "we're getting married" led more than a few people in the room to believe it.  And the alleged sarcasm was lost on many.  When Erica was asked to confirm whether they were actually getting married, she didn't flat out deny it.  So believe what you choose.


Check out video from the full interview this AM below: 


And Olivia & Erica were in the NY Daily News today for allegedly getting it in at Cafeteria's bathroom....together.  He says they were at the restaurant Cafeteria, but he was waiting for her outside of the bathroom.  However, the article says he came out of the bathroom with Erica...completely dishoveled.  And they caused a back up in the line.  Ew.



BONUS: Here's a peek at the Q&A portion of the "LAHH 3" premiere party from this past Thursday:

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