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Ex ‘Black-Ink’ Star Richard ‘O'S***’ Duncan Arrested For DUI & Cocaine, Says He Stopped Taking Bipolar Meds


Former “Black Ink” star Richard "O’Sh*t" Duncan has found himself in a world of trouble. The former reality star was arrested for DUI and cops found cocaine in his possession. He explains he stopped taking his bipolar medication and made some dumb decisions while having a manic episode. More inside…

Former ‘Black Ink Crew’ star O’S*t is back in some…sh**.

Richard ‘O’Sh*t’ Duncan - who was an OG cast member of “Black Ink Crew” - was recently involved in some legal ish with police after he was arrested recently.

The famed tattoo artist - who has a history of struggling with drugs and alcohol - was arrested on a DUI charge last month after Georgia cops claim they stopped him for speeding. After they pulled him over, the cops claim they could smell alcohol, so they did a sobriety test.

Turns out, O’Sh*t admitted he had been drinking, which prompted cops to search the car. They reportedly found a bag of cocaine in the center cupholder. The former reality star was then charged with with an open container of alcohol and possession of a controlled substance. The possession charge is a felony and the rest are misdemeanors. Before a judge, he pled not guilty.

On Instagram, he shared his truth with his fans, revealing he has been battling with bipolar disorder over the last two years. He admitted he hadn’t been keeping up with his meds, which caused him to make bad choices.

”I was diagnosed as bipolar about 2 years ago and it’s been a hard ass journey navigating the ups and downs of this disease, my sobriety journey, being a new business owner- and just LIFE,” he wrote.

”Like most people who suffer from bipolar disorder, there are times u go through manic episodes, depressed episodes and sadly become inconsistent with my meds and self/care. When I’m in a bad place, I don’t always make the best choices and consequently Ive hurt and let down a lot of people I love in the process. That sh*t eats me up and I hate it,” he continued.

He owned up to mistakes and said his actions were “embarrassing.”

”Last month I did something really stupid during a manic episode and consequently, got a DUI. I do not condone drinking and driving, drug use or acting out- mental illness or not. I did something that was so dumb, pointless and honestly embarrassing."

In the note, he said he’s not perfect, but he’s currently working on bettering himself. He also apologized to everyone he hurt.

”I can’t promise perfection but the first step is accountability and honesty and I’m working on both. I openly accept the consequences of my actions and I am actively working with my doctors, therapists and group to get back on track.

”I’m sorry to everyone i let down. I am looking forward to active recovery, sobriety and a fresh start.”

Peep his IG post below:



O'Sh*t also released a statement via TMZ, saying,"I had a bipolar manic episode because I was off my medication for a month and I made a terrible decision I never plan to make again. I typically don't drink, I've been sober for awhile now. If I can make sure I stay on my medication I'm sure I won't do anything like that again. The hardest fight I've ever faced is living as a bipolar man who self-medicates when I don't take medication."

If you’ve watched “Black Ink Crew” over the years, you have seen O’Sh*t go through a lot of trial and tribulations, including drama with his child's mother, as well as drugs and alcohol. Before his departure from the show, he seemingly picked himself up, and got his life back on track.

In 2018, O'Sh*t announced he was opening his own tattoo shop in Georgia called Drip Tattoo Collective:

In the announcement, he thanked his haters for providing him with the motivation to handle his business and become a boss. "Shop Coming Soon. I appreciate EVERYONE who has counted me out, you’ve been the biggest motivation. Thank you to my beautiful wife @dailybynikkid for pushing me everyday to be 100%," he wrote.

Hopefully, this is a setback for a major comeback for him.

Photo:  Instagram

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