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Kanye West Sued For $7 Million By Production Company + Hours Later, Ye Demands To Speak To GAP Chairman About How Much Money He Made Them


Kanye Westhas been hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit from production company Phantom Labs over unpaid concert fees after he backed out of Coachella. Not long after the lawsuit news was released, Ye returned to Instagram to demand to speak with GAP chairman Bob Martin after sharing how successful their partnership has been Everything inside…

Kanye West has been silent on social media as of late. But, that all changed yesterday after a report about him being sued for millions was released.

Production company Phantom Labs claims Ye owes them MILLIONS of dollars, so they pulled the trigger on a new lawsuit to collect their coins.

According to the lawsuit (obtained by TMZ), Phantom Labs put in work for multiple large-scale productions for the Chi-town rapper between June 2021 to March 2022. That was a busy time for Ye. The production company provided services for four weeks of Sunday Service, a DONDA 2 listening event, the “Free Larry Hoover” concert with Drake and they were prepared for Ye’s 2022 Coachella performance, which never happened because Ye backed out. By the way, The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia stepped in to headline.

It’s still unclear why the “Ultralight Beam” rapper canceled the performance. What’s NOT unclear is that Ye owes these people their money.

TMZ reports:

Phantom, repped by attorney Howard King, says at first, Ye and team were good about making payments -- but it wasn't long before bills started to pile up -- and by February 2022, they say they were owed over $6 million.

The docs say Ye had allegedly promised to settle his debt with Phantom, using the reported $9 million he was supposed to make at Coachella, but when he unexpectedly canceled on the festival, Phantom says it became clear, Ye wasn't going to pay.

Phantom says in addition to the $6 million tab Ye already had with the company, they were hit with another $1.1 million in Coachella-related cancelation fees they also want Ye to cover.

Hours after news broke that Ye was being sued, the Grammy winning rapper hopped on social media to divert people’s attention to something else.


The Yeezy honcho returned to Instagram to talk about his partnership with GAP and meeting with the company’s top execs, noting they spoke on his mother’s birthday earlier this week.

“On my moms birthday I was able for the first time to sit in on a Gap call with Bob Martin, Bob Fisher and other leads of the company," Ye wrote. "Bob Martin was one of the most inspiring people I’ve heard speak in business. He kept saying go to the stores on the call. I came to Gap to put good product directly in stores.”



The Yeezy x GAP collaboration was announced in 2020. It launched with a blue puffer jacket and a minimal $80 hoodie. He claims his items provided GAP with two of its biggest sales days in history. And because of that, he wants to meet with GAP chairman BobMartin ASAP. 

He continued,“We’ve had 2 of the biggest sales day in Gap history since I’ve been there. We sold 14 million dollars worth of the perfect black hoodie at 80 dollars a hoodie off of a television commercial that was ran one time. I came to Gap to bring good quality products to the people at all times. Bob I need to meet with you as soon as possible.”

Although Ye had some success with the brand. The Los Angeles Timesreports Ye’s deal with GAP  “has failed to generate meaningful results.” Womp.

Photo: AP Photo/Lewis Joly

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