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LeToya Luckett & Her Ex-Fiancé Slim Thug Dish On What Went Wrong In Their Relationship – Refreshing Dose Of Accountability (& Their Undeniable Chemistry!)


To kick off her brand new YouTube series, LeToya Luckett reconnects with her ex-fiancé Big Slim (formerly SlimThug) to dish on their on-again, off-again 10-year relationship, their engagement, why they called it quits, and if they would ever reunite. Get it all inside…

LeToya Luckett is perfecting the breakup glow up!

The fab mom changed her tresses to platinum blonde, launched a joint clothing line with stylist J. Bolin, and now she has a new YouTube series. For the debut of “Leave It To LeToya,” the Texas baddie invited her ex-fiancé (yes, fiancé) Big Slim (formerly Slim Thug) to chop it up for the first episode, titled “Having a Conversation With My Ex.”

Don't know about y'all, but we cringed at even the thought of sitting down with an ex.  But LeToya and Slim may have just changed our minds.

In the debut episode, the former couple reflected on their 10-year relationship that led to an engagement, which ultimately was called off after they split. These days, the singer and rapper are good friends. And clearly, there’s still chemistry - and, most importantly, respect - between the two.

LeToya and Slim talked about how they met at the club, their first date, and gave more insight about their relationship back in the early 2000s. They were young back then and just weren’t ready for marriage.

“We tried to have something very serious at a very young age,” LeToya said.

The “Luxurious” rapper proposed to the former Destiny’s Child singer and she said yes. However, they never made it down the aisle due to different views on what their relationship should look like.

“You couldn’t see him without seeing me, and that can be attractive to other women,” she said. “I think he leaned into that a little bit…if you will,” she said. “He definitely enjoyed himself along that journey. And I will say for me, I’ll take responsibility. I would get frustrated and I would leave a lot.”

They were breaking up and making up - constantly disagreeing, further pushing them apart.  And anytime they had an argument, it seems Slim thought that was a pass to smash anyone and everyone.

”The small breakups, disagreements that we would have that would separate us and I would think that it’s a real breakup, it opened up the doors,” Slim added. “If we didn’t have that, it wouldn’t have been no issue.”

And to be fair, she had every right to walk away if she felt unsafe emotionally.  It’s still all love between the two Houston natives.

”Regardless of whatever happened, it’s still been all love every time we see each other,” she added.

When asked what she liked about him then and what she likes now, she shared it’s his confidence she’s most attracted to.

“He’s a star. When he walks in I mean, first of all he’s 6’6.” That’s always cute. He’s handsome,” she said. “It’s a light on him when he walk in any room. It’s attractive. You can’t miss him.”

We know that's right!

Slim loves LeToya’s personality and sense of humor. They shared tons of laughs and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company.  They have both definitely matured with their outlooks on life, and it's so fab to see.

“Her sense of humor is high and you’ll really laugh a lot dealing with Toya,” he said. “I didn’t know that she was that funny. And when I got to know her more what I liked about her was the friendship. I felt like we were for real BFFs…We really enjoyed kicking it.”

The chemistry, the transparency, the honesty. It was beautiful to see.

Is there a chance they’ll reconnect? No one said "No."  In fact, they already spend time together often as friends since they workout at the same gym. 

At this time, LeToya is focused on raising her toddlers, Gianna and Walker, and glowing up. After three years, LeToya announced her divorce from ex-husband Tommicus Walker was finalized in July 2021. There were cheating allegations leading up to the breakup. 

“I have two wonderful children and I have to approach relationships different because of that,” she said. “They’re so small and they’re the biggest part of my world. Anybody that I would want to be in relationship with would have to love them, care for them, be there for them and understand that these are babies.”

If a spark was to reignite between them, Big Slim isn’t against it.

“We friends right now. Let’s see,” he chimed in. “But I’m not closing nothin’. I’m not saying I won’t do nothin’. Let’s see where we grow.”

Get into their bomb convo below:

Photos: Instagram 


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