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Anthony Anderson Agrees To Pay Wife Alvina Back Spousal Support Amid Divorce


Former "Black ish" and "Law & Order" star Anthony Anderson is about to be paying up a pretty penny in back spousal support, upon the demand of his estranged wife Alvina.  We've got the details inside.

Back in March, Alvina Stewart filed for divorce from the tv star after 22 years of marriage. Despite this being the second or third time either of them have filed, it seems like this is the one that's going to stick.

Now, Alvina is not only asking for a divorce again, but she's demanding back spousal support as well.  People reports:

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, the black-ish alum, 51, signed on to pay spousal support to his estranged wife.

The amount will be determined by the ex-couple's joint forensic accountant pending an investigation of their individual finances.

Alvina has asked the court to "exercise its jurisdiction" and make spousal support orders retroactive to March 1, 2022, "or the date of their separation, whichever is later." Anthony's legal team argues payments shouldn't be retroactive before June 1, 2022.


Not only is spousal support part of their divorce settlement, the two have agreed to split the profits from the sale of their home and Anthony will be responsible for getting Alvina a 1-year lease to live elsewhere:


"As part of their agreement, the couple has mutually decided to sell their Encino, California, property and split the profits evenly between the two.

The court ordered Anthony to co-sign with his wife on a 12-month lease "so that she may secure alternate housing"."


The couple also share two adult children who are 22 and 26.

Anthony won't be returning to "Law & Order" next season after starring in the franchise's flagship return, and "black ish" is now over.  As for income - we're sure he's stacked plenty of cash though to hold him over....



Photos: Jean Nelson, Featureflash/Depositphotos.com


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