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MET GALA AFTERMATH: Cardi B Says She’s A ‘Prisoner Of Fame’ After Joke About Doing Drugs Caused Faux Beef With Billie Eilish


Cardi B is sick and tired of fame! She’s sounding off about the backlash she has been receiving after she made a joke about “doing drugs” during Playboy’s Met Gala afterparty. Billie Eilish was caught on camera saying “she’s weird,” which started speculations that she was shading Cardi.


Both Cardi & Billie set the record straight in the DMs. Everything inside….


Cardi B sets the record straight after social media seemingly manufactured drama between herself and Billie Eilish following the biggest night in fashion.

Folks were in an uproar after a video of Cardi joking about "doing drugs" and Billie Eilish calling her “weird” afterwards started circulating. In the clip, Cardi speaks before the crowd, encouraging people to get drinks and then she jokingly sniffed and placed her finger under her nose, alluding to snorting that white stuff.



“Make sure you got your drinks, make sure y’all do your little [lines]. Whatever the f**k you have to do. We got to turn the **k up. I want everybody dancing!,” she said.

Right after, it cuts to Billie Eilish saying, “she so weird.”

Watch the clip below:



The Grammy winning raptress teamed up with Playboy as publication's newest Creative Director to host “The Boom Boom After Party” held at the Standard’s Boom Boom Room.

After the clip started circulating, the “Be Careful” rapper hopped on Twitter where she posted and then deleted what some fans believe was a subliminal aimed at the 20-year-old pop star. Check it out below: 



Despite the post, Cardi shut down the rumors that she and Billie have “beef.” The “WAP” raptress hopped on social media to share a screen recording of her conversation with Billie in the DMs. They two artists sent voice notes to one another about the “incident.”

"Oh my God, I was so worried that you were going to see that. I was f*cking calling the people around you weird because everybody was coming up to you, shoving their phones into your ass. And I was like, ‘Just look at her with your eyes!’,” Billie said in the voice memo.

"The internet is trying to divide us. They don't understand that you're my baby,” responded Cardi. Listen below:



”I hate the internet cause one, how do y’all turn one of the most lit parties into drama?" Cardi tweeted after the video started circulating. "Two, Ocean eyes is the song I cater to my daughter. Three, Billie is my fuckin baby. Yesterday, from the met to the party, everything was drama free. Why do yallwanna turn everything into mess?"



The 29-year-old mom-of-two went on to explain how frustrated she is with fame, insisting what she said while hosting the party was a JOKE.

“Fame has turned me into a prisoner,” she said in an IG Live. ”I really feel like I’m a prisoner to fame. I’m not myself anymore."

“I make one joke as a hostess because I am hosting a party and it gets twisted. Why can’t every celebrity joke around and say slick s**t?” she told her followers, admitting she’s “scared” to make any wrong moves. “I’m tired. I can’t be myself anymore,” she continued. “Anything that will go on social media is always bad. If I could click my f**king feet three times and go back to f**king 2013 when I was just a regular b*tch, dancing and making money every single night, that is where I want to be. That’s when I was me.”

In her eyes, God has "cursed" her with fame and she's over it. She told her fans not to wish to be famous - just wish to be rich.

Take a listen to a clip from the Live below:


You can watch the extended version below: 

The price of fame.

Speaking of the afterparty, Wendy Williams - who recently said she's in the process of getting her show back - was reportedly in the mix. Hairstylist Derick Monroe shared a photo of the daytime talk show host after he got her all dolled up before she hit the NYC streets:



OK, Wendy! 


Here's a peek at Cardi and her sister Hennessy turning up inside the bash below: 



Photo: Cardi's IG 

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