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Pusha T’s ‘Spicy Fish Diss Track’ Aimed At McDonald’s Reportedly Gave Arby’s $8M In Ad Exposure!


Pusha T’s “Spicy Fish Diss Track” aimed at McDonald’s massively helped Arby’s to gain new exposure…$8 million worth. Take a listen to fish sandwich diss track that has gone viral inside…


Pusha T claims he didn’t get the bag he deserved for writing McDonald’s iconic “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle. So, he teamed up with the fast food restaurant rival, Arby’s, for a diss track. YES, a fish filet diss track.

In 2003, Pusha T and his brother Malice (who now goes by No Malice) co-wrote McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle alongside Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake. It’s reported JT was paid $6 million to record his song, “I’m Lovin’ It,” on which the jingle is based. The VA native said he and his brother were only paid $500,000 each for the jingle and never received any royalties.

“I am solely responsible for the ’I’m Lovin‘ It’ swag and the jingle of that company,” Pusha told Rolling Stone. “That’s just real. I am the reason. Now I gotta crush it.”

He added,“I did it at a very young age at a very young time in my career where I wasn’t asking for as much money and ownership. It’s something that’s always dug at me later in life like, ‘Dammit, I was a part of this and I should have more stake.’ It was like half a million or a million dollars for me and my brother — but that’s peanuts for as long as that’s been running. I had to get that energy off me, and this [ad] was the perfect way to get that energy like, ‘You know what? I’m over it.’” 

King Push has had “beef” with Mickey D’s since 2016:



We’d like to note, some folks are disputing the claim that Pusha wrote the actual jingle.

“Pusha T’ was never involved in the creation of the McDonald’s jingle ‘I’m Lovin’ It,’” Mona Davis’ TomBatoytold Pitchfork in an email. 

Either way, Pusha still feels a way about not getting to that McDonald’s bag, so he created a new one with Arby’s.

This week, the G.O.O.D. rapper dropped a diss track aimed at McDonald's for Arby’s titled, “Spicy Fish Diss Track,” poking fun at Mickey D’s famous Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

Listen below:



The diss track quickly went viral. Not only that, it helped Arby’s gain a massive amount of new exposure. According to Apex Marketing, King Push’s diss track earned Arby’s over $8 million in advertising exposure.  As for how much actually hit Pusha's pocket's, that's unclear.



”Critics he’s out of his mind, Haters he’s outta his prime…yet, always where the money’s at like lottery signs,” Pusha T responded.



We wouldn’t be surprised if this starts a new trend in Hip Hop and business where startup companies will offer equity to artists in exchange for diss tracks aimed at competitors. Are you lovin' it?

Photos: Sterling Munksgard/Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

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