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LaKevia Jackson - Who Shares A Child With Young Thug - Was Fatally Shot By Man At A Bowling Alley After Confrontation Over A Bowling Ball


In extremely devastating and disheartening news, LaKevia Jackson, who shares a child with rapper Young Thug, was shot to death outside of a bowling alley.  Her mother now says she was shot after a confrontation over a bowling ball. 


More details on the completely senseless act of violence inside.


A birthday party at an Atlanta bowling alley turned deadly last night (Thursday) after a young woman was shot to death by a man outside in the parking lot.  31-year-old LaKevia Jackson was attending her best friend's party at Metro Fun Center, according to her mother, Sherina Jackson, when the absolutely senseless shooting occurred. 

Sherina told CBS Atlanta that during the party, a fight over a bowling ball happened between LaKevia and the male suspect. The suspect then waited outside in the parking lot - for 20 whole minutes - for LaKevia to exit.  Just before 11p, he then shot her while she was leaving. It appears Sherina was on the phone with her daughter either while or immediately after she was shot.

Police are still on the hunt for the suspect.


LaKevia's mother is understandably distraught.

“I didn’t know that was going to be the last time I talked to my baby,” Sherina told CBS News Atlanta. “I could hear her over the phone crying and screaming then her best friend said she’s not breathing!”

“I lost my baby all over a bowling ball,” Jackson added describing her daughter as light, positive and so sweet.

APD Homicide Commander Lt. Ralph Woolfolk said:

“This is truly an atrocity. A young lady has lost her life over a bowling ball. We talk about conflict-resolution time and time again and this is an escalated dispute so we will work this case through the night and we will find the person responsible.  We know who are so go ahead and turn yourself in.”

Absolutely disgusting.  There is nothing that could have been said or done to warrant waiting to shoot someone after an argument over a bowling ball.  Nothing.

LaKevia was a mom, sharing a 14-year-old son with rapper Young Thug.  The "Lifestyle" rapper has not yet commented on the tragedy.


We hope this monster is caught or turns himself in ASAP. Our condolences and hearts go out to all of LaKevia's loved ones during this impossible time. 


Photo: Sherina Jackson


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