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NFL & Vegas Police KNEW Alvin Kamara Was A Suspect In Felony Battery Case, STILL Let Him Play In Pro Bowl, Arrested After Allegedly Punching Man 8 Times


New Orleans Saints star running back AlvinKamara was arrested in Las Vegas hours after playing in the Pro Bowl. He was hit with a felony battery charge after he allegedly punched a man 8 times at a club the night before.


Turns out, the NFL and the Las Vegas Police KNEW about the incident, but still decided to let him play. Deets inside…

Well, well, well.

Turns out, the NFL and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police knew New Orleans Saints star running back Alvin Kamara was a suspect in a felony battery case, but both agreed to let him play in the 2022 Pro Bowl.

According to TMZ, NFL security was notified several hours by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that Alvin Kamara was a suspect in a felony for allegedly causing substantial bodily harm following an altercation that allegedly took place in a nightclub the night before.

It’s reported the NFL and the Vegas police department came to an agreement that the 26-year-old running back would be allowed to play in the game, and cooperate with authorities afterward. WOW!

”We got in touch with NFL security about 10 o'clock in the morning and let them know that [Kamara] was a suspect in the case and they located him and he was already on the field," Assistant Sheriff John McGrath told the Nevada Current. ”So they contacted him and he agreed to meet with us after the game. And so that's just the way we did it since he was cooperating."

Hmm…we wonder if the police would handle the case in the same way if a regular citizen was the possible suspect. 

Sunday afternoon, Alvin was taken into custody at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas after he was accused of causing serious bodily harm to a man inside a Las Vegas Boulevard hotel around 6 AM Saturday morning. It’s reported he punched a man at least 8 times (which was caught on video) and now he’s facing five years behind bars.

Alvin reportedly admitted to cops that he punched the man over alleged disrespectful comments.

TMZ reports:

According to a police report we obtained, Alvin pushed a man near an elevator bank. The man was then allegedly beaten down by a group of 4 people, including AK. Police say they actually read Kamara his Miranda rights and interviewed him inside the stadium. While talking, they say Alvin admitted to punching the man. He claims the person made a disrespectful comment to someone in his party. Cops say Kamara allegedly punched the man 8 times.

During their investigation, police say they viewed surveillance video and the tape backed up the alleged victim's story. Cops say they confirmed Kamara's presence at the club by reviewing a credit card that was used to buy liquor.

Kamara actually played in the Pro Bowl ... catching 4 passes for 23 yards. He was arrested after the game.

NFL players have to start using their critical thinking skills and stop this ish. Also, the NFL needs to stop giving them a hall pass!

Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

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