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The Game Wants ALL The Smoke From Kanye West, Claims He Choked Kim K & Made Her 'Swallow His Kids' On New Track!


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The Game wants all the smoke with Kanye West, bringing up details (again) from his throwback sexcapades with Ye's wife Kim Kardashian West. More inside....

Rapper The Game is gearing up to release a new album titled, Born To Rap. But first, he hosted an album preview party in LA last night. And there's one song that's going to have Kanye West blowing a gasket or two.

It's no secret Game and Kim used to date back in the day, which means they were likely getting it in as well. According to the west coast rapper, they def got it in and - if what he's rapping about is true - Kim K was on some porn star ish in between the sheets.  And by porn star, we mean positions only. Not the enthusiasm. We've all seen the Ray-J sex tape.

On one track that was previewed last night, The Game raps:

"I'm Kobe/I'm a goat nigga/I held Kim Kardashian by her throat nigga/made her swallow my kids until she choke nigga/I should apologize cause Ye my folk nigga..."

Take a listen below:


Get ready for an epic Yeezy rant in 5...4...3...2...

This isn't the first time Game rapped about smashing Kim K. In 2016, he dropped his DJ Khaled-assisted “Sauce” track where he revealed he smashed not one, not two…but THREE Kardashian sisters.

He rapped,

"I used to f*** bitches that Usher Raymond passed off/ Then I f***ed three Kardashians, hold that thought."

After "Sauce" was released, the Kardashians popped back, claiming Game was LYING about sleeping with THREE Kardashians. They revealed Game hasn’t slept with Kylie, Kendall, Khloe, Kourtney or Kris Jenner. However, they didn't mention Kim. Hmph.

Game supposedly called up Kanye West -- not Kim -- and got his approval before he added the bar about the Kardashians in his verse. Ye was allegedly cool with it. We wonder if he gave him the greenlight on this most recent song though.

As for the preview party, he also played a track featuring 21 Savage.

Check it:



Rap-Up was in the mix and shared a few deets about the upcoming album:




Photos: Shuttershock.com/Game's IG

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