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R&B DIVAS BATTLE: Lil Mo Basically Disses Queen Naija's 'Soul Train Awards' Cypher & Queen Pops Back With Classy SHADE


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The R&B Divas are going at it after Lil Mo gave her 2 cents on Queen Naija's Soul Train cypher performance. Grab a cup and sip inside...


Issa Old School vs. New School R&B battle.

Newbie singer/YouTube star Queen Naija was tapped to perform at the 2018 Soul Train Music Awards during the R&B cypher alongside Erykah Badu, Luke James, BJ the Chicago Kid, and Kelly Price. Here's the clip in case you missed:



Well, following Queen's Soul Train debut, R&B singer Lil Mo hopped on social media to give her opinion of her performance and some folks are calling her a bitter betty for it! In so many words, Mo dubbed Queen as just another "pretty girl" with an average voice and said she is using her pregnancy as an excuse as to why she's not singing from the depths of her soul. She said she'll end up being just another social media artist who is hot for a minute and will soon disappear.

Read her full (now-deleted) post below:

 photo moqueenclapback.png

Queen Naija fans hopped in Mo's comments and began dragging her for "hating" and said she's only mad because SHE wasn't invited to sing at the Soul Train Music Awards.

The "Medicine" singer, who is currently pregnant with her 2nd child, then hopped on Twitter to respond to Mo's critque. And she fired off a few shady shots (read from the bottom up):

 photo queenlilmo2.png

 photo queenlilmo1.png


Mo is STILL cutting up:




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this how i looked at the comments and dms today knowing i pissed so many off all with my opinion. lol thanks to the blogs that reposted it. but didn’t repost me uplifting the real ones. yep. i made my point. alotta people love mind manipulation and BS rather than substance. watch how i fcuk y’all heads up the rest of the week. TOOOO easy!! and my son was sooooo bad this day at the pumpkin patch he was throwing shit everywhere . goodnight everyone. crazy thing is i never said i didn’t like @queennaija !! y’all niggas is weird. i just think @yebbasmith deserves a chance. especially singing around or after @mskellyprice. may all these women flourish and sing their hearts out. and may all circles be sang around anyone OFF KEY or LAZY ADLIBS!! xoxo

A post shared by Lil Mo (@thelilmoshow) on




Whew, chile. Guess she said what she said.

Photos: Mo's IG/Queen's IG

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