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Lonzo Ball's Daughter's Mom Claims He's A DEADBEAT & Wants $30K/Month, Or She's (Allegedly) Threatening A TELL-ALL Book!


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Whew, chile! Lonzo Ball just welcomed a baby and he's already in some ish. His daughter's mom Denise Garcia claims he's a deadbeat. She wants $30,000/month (allegedly) and if he doesn't meet her demands she's spilling ALL the tea. More inside...

Los Angeles Lakers baller Lonzo Ball and his (now ex) girlfriend Denise Garcia welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Zoey Christina in July. Things have clearly changed.  And quickly.

Here's a pic of the baby and the former couple during happier times:

 photo lonzo4.png

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And here we are 3 months later with DRAMA!

It's unclear what caused Lonzo and Denise to break up, but they're dunzo. Now, Denise claims Lonzo is a deadbeat dad and basically doesn't know ish about his own daughter. She hopped on Instagram Live recently with one of her friends and someone wrote in, "Blink if Lonzo is a deadbeat dad." Denise laughed at first, then, she sat up and blinked hard.

In another clip, Denise shades Lonzo about not knowing his daughter's favorite song. In case you're wondering the 3-month-old's favorite song is "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen.

Peep a replay of her social media antics below:

It gets worse for Lonzo...

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Denise has had enough and is threatening to write a tell-all book where she'll spill all of the Ball Family's secrets unless he coughs up the cash for her child support demands. Dad LaVar Ball isn't going to go for that ish.

So, how much is she asking for? A cool $30,000 a month!

Black Sports Online reports:

“We now know why according to reports the couple is on very shaky legs and potentially have broken up. Garcia has been on IG bashing ZO calling him a deadbeat dad. She is also threatening a tell-all book about the Ball family unless her child support demands are met. She wants upwards of $30k a month for herself and the child. They will reportedly be going to court soon, so stay tuned.”

They both were previously posting each other nonstop and saying how perfectly in love they were...for a WHILE.  Welp.

Photos: Denise's IG/Lonzo's IG

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