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'The Bobby Brown Story': Everyone's LOSING IT Over Janet Jackson Sex Scene & Alicia Etheredge Being Around Since The 90s + The Screenings Were LIT


 photo bobbyteaser.png

Everyone was losing it as "The Bobby Brown Story" premiered on BET last night. If you haven't watched yet and don't want any spoliers, stop reading now. For the rest of us, let's get into this crazy part 1, plus flicks from the show's screenings inside...


Part 1 of "The Bobby Brown Story" had Twitter abuzz as folks were sharing their unfiltered responses to all of the shenanigans Bobby Brown was involved in back in the day. Like, his alleged "friends with benefits" situationship he had going on with pop star Janet Jackson.

According to Bobby, he and Miss Jackson used to get it in, real raunchy like, in hotel rooms in the late 80s - while in a relationship with singer James DeBarge. Let him tell it, he even kicked her out of his hotel room once after having sex.

He also alleged Janet never wanted to go public with their "relationship" because he was black. The film alluded Janet didn't want anyone to know about their relationship because it would upset her father.

If you read Bobby's memoir, he mentioned being involved with Janet, but we assume seeing it on television brings it to life in a different way. Also, we still don't know if it's entirely true as Janet has never confirmed this.

Here's how Twitter reacted:









As for the other tea that had folks talking...

 photo BETPresentsBobbyQAtlantaPremiereBobby8f-tGh5aRgdl-2.jpg

People were shocked to learn that Bobby's current wife Alicia Etheredge Brown has been around - and in his life - since the 90s. Bobby and Alicia tied the knot in 2012, four months after Whitney's death. She was introduced to Bobby as producer Teddy Riley's girlfriend.

In one scene from Part 1, Alicia is in the bathroom with Bobby, encouraging him to go on with his wedding to Whitney Houston when he got cold feet. Peep viewers' reactions below:









A mess.

Another shocker was the fact that, in the movie, Bobby didn't find out Whitney's drug use until their wedding day. Folks weren't buying it:



Part 2 comes on tonight and we can't wait.

Before the show premiered...

 photo BETPresentsBobbyQAtlantaPremiereBobbyOCCbAzxNAUIl.jpg

The King of R&B hit the stage for the "Bobby-Q" Atlanta premiere of his miniseries held at the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center.

 photo BETPresentsBobbyQAtlantaPremiereBobbyJ4KEM9i8w-dl.jpg

 photo BETPresentsBobbyQAtlantaPremiereBobbySUzQ32o0yk-l.jpg

 photo BETPresentsBobbyQAtlantaPremiereBobbyscrc7Xo5gEvl.jpg

 photo BETPresentsBobbyQAtlantaPremiereBobby-IFd6XXzSxRl.jpg

 photo BETPresentsBobbyQAtlantaPremiereBobbyeRgIDZG3aJ_l.jpg

 photo BETPresentsBobbyQAtlantaPremiereBobbymQwF7mF0dmNl.jpg

 photo MackWildsBETPresentsBobbyQAtlantaPremiere_6zx-fLHBoJl.jpg

 photo MackWildsBETPresentsBobbyQAtlantaPremiereTDM6HZJyjABl.jpg

"Power" star Michael Rainey Jr. and"Empire" star Bre-Z, DJ D-Nice, host Kenny Burns, actor/singer Mack Wilds and more came out to show support.

In LA...

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobbyqHDhjA10qRnl.jpg

Woody McClain hit the carpet with Bobby at the show's Hollywood premiere. One thing is for sure, Woody is KILLING this role. We can't wait to see Part 2.

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobby8HO7S9fDxZal.jpg

His dance moves are on point!

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobby8ASIFLLoyell.jpg

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobbymenXb8QlEZJl.jpg

Bobby's wife Alicia made her way on the carpet.

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobbyjHtRWNjyRItl.jpg

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobbyidrRdH8NAi4l.jpg

Bell Biv DeVoe even came out to show support. They're about to go on tour with Bobby this month.

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobbycmrWuVTDmuQl.jpg

Peep flicks from the cast, including Donshea Hopkins (who will be playing the late Bobbi Kristina), Lance Gross, Tiffany Hines, Tyler Williams, Dante Hogaland, Bobby & his kids, and also Stephanie Mills and Al B Sure, below:

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobby9uzGsKNPA7ol.jpg

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobbyV2E_n354OfWl.jpg

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobbya5PA8spAhBZl_1.jpg

 photo BobbyBrownBETToyotaPresentPremiereScreening3XJmKAQvlRhl.jpg


 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobbyx3IOZw9vSvhl.jpg

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobbyVtFjaSJgY-Ml.jpg

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobbyot-Nn3ef6Jnl.jpg

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobbyMnkf-_xdZ9Ml.jpg

 photo BETToyotaPresentPremiereScreeningBobbyO7N-2eaugcQl.jpg

 photo BobbyBrownBETToyotaPresentsPremiereScreeningNPTJEwuS2Qkl.jpg

 photo BETToyotaPresentsPremiereScreeningBobbyCc21u1GB6vXl.jpg

 photo DJNiceBETToyotaPresentsPremiereScreeningIodWBOnj_0gl.jpg


Be sure to be tuned in to BET tonight at 9/8c for Part 2.

Also, Woody stopped by Power 105's "The Breakfast Club" this morning where he talked about how he prepared for the role, how he didn't know anything about Bobby Brown before he was cast to play him (bruh...) and much more below: 

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