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EXCLUSIVE: Gabrielle Union Dishes On Real-Life Mama Bear Behavior, Joins 'Breaking In' Cast On Why We Need To Talk About Sexual Assault & Heroines


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Gabrielle Union is super fun and super lit (at all times). But don't get it twisted. Chick also gets on her Mama Bear steez, pushes hard for heroines and isn't scared of sexual assault discussions. It's clearly rubbed off on the rest of her "Breaking In" cast too. Our exclusive chat inside...


From being uber protective of her fellow Clovers to acting like Mama Bear to save her onscreen (and off screen) kids, Gabrielle Union's wearing every hat these days. She put on her Executive Producer wide brim hat - which means she's putting her money where her mouth is to make sure this flick gets a push - for Breaking In, so we definitely needed to talk to her and the cast about it all.


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TheYBF.com's Natasha Eubanks sat down to ki-ki with the actress & budding business mogul, her doppelganger movie daughter Ajiona Alexus (like, seriously, casting needs an award for nailing that), and producer and director Will Packer& James McTeigue. And yes, Gabrielle Union-Wade is THAT mom who goes up to her stepsons' school and is with the sh**s.

Nobody held back about why women empowerment was put on a pedestal in this film, and why sexual assault needs to be addressed on screen.

Check it out above.

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Breaking In is in theaters today!


Photos: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages

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