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WATCH! Nicki Minaj Brings The Harajuku Barbie & Nicki The Ninja Back In ‘Barbie Tingz’ &‘Chun Li’ Visuals


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Nicki Minaj just blessed her fans with two new video treatments for her new singles “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun Li.” Check them out inside…

Nicki Minaj is back to playing with her alter egos.

The Head Barb just dropped two brand new videos for “Chun Li” and “Barbie Tingz” where she serves up some Nicki The Ninja and Harajuku Barbie vibes, respectively. Old Nicki fans know who we're talking about.

In the Steven-Klein directed video for “Chun Li,” the Young Money rapper’s alter ego Nicki the Ninja appears to be captured in some type of futuristic sex dungeon of sorts. A few days ago, she dropped a teaser for the visuals that were nothing like the real video. Hey, anything for promo right?

Check it:

In the other video treatment...

 photo barbietingz.png

In “Barbie TIngz,” the Harajuku Barbie comes alive in the Giovanni Biano-directed clip. Nicki also helped direct as well. She brought back the colorful wigs and funky outfits that fans grew to love earlier on in her career.

Peep the visuals below:

Which video did you like best?

Now, fans are just waiting for album deets. On Twitter, she told one Barb that she'll have album details out by next week.

She's going to use this Cardi B pregnancy down time to her advantage. By the way, she'll be performing both tracks on "SNL" on May 19th.

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