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Ghost Seeks Revenge With A Vengeance In ‘Power’ Season 5 Trailer + LaLa & Carmelo Anthony Spotted Together In Harlem


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The Season 5 trailer for "Power" is here and it’s mad intense! See Ghost (Omari Hardwick) seek his revenge after a devastating blow while creating (or should we say re-creating) alliances that will shock you inside.

Also, see flicks of “Power” star LaLa Anthony and her estranged husband Carmelo Anthony hanging out together inside…

“Power” fans get excited because it’s almost that time again.

The season 5 trailer just dropped and this season looks like it’s going to take a dark turn with plenty of surprising moments sprinkled throughout. Last season, Ghost and Tasha had to deal with losing their daughter Raina after she was gunned down in the street by crooked cop Ray Ray for defending her brother, Tariq. Meanwhile, Tariq watched the whole thing go down, but concealed the shooter’s identity from his dad. Ghost thinks it's the Jimenez that killed Raina.

Then, Tariq steals his mom’s gun, tracks down Raina’s killer, and shoots him dead. Right after he shoots the gun, Ghost, Tasha and Tommy find him. When Tariq tells them that Dre told him where Ray Ray was that’s when they knew they had to get him. And that’s where we are in season 5.

“My daughter is dead, someone has to pay for it,” Ghost says in the trailer. Oddly, Ghost and Kanan reunite to find Raina’s killer. “We’ll all feel better once this is over,” Kanan says to Ghost.

“This season of Power is defined by grief, revenge, family, and faith,” creator Courtney Kemptold Deadline about the upcoming season.

“As a writers room, we really looked at each character through the idea of ‘legend vs. legacy’, examining the difference between the stories we tell about ourselves and the stories we leave behind. As loyalties shift and relationships are redefined, we hope the audience discovers a darker, more intimate, more intense season than any before.”

And we can see all of that in the new trailer. Check it out below:

“Power” Season 5 premieres July 1st at 9pm EST on STARZ.


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"Power" star LaLa Anthony and her estranged husband Carmelo Anthony were spotted together recently. The now separated couple were both in attendance to support their homie's fashion line in Harlem.

It's unclear if they're actually working on getting back together or not, but we do know they're at least cool with one another at this post. If look closely, we noticed they're both covering up those ring fingers. Could be a coincidence. We all know Melo wants her back as he has desperately been trying to win her back on social media. He's exhausting all options and resources.

Back in December, LaLa was spotted courtside when Melo made his return to Madison Square Garden as an OKC Thunder player.

Guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. We wish them both the best though.

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