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Philly DA Says Meek Mill’s Conviction Should Be Thrown Out, But Judge Brinkley Isn’t Having It – HERE'S HOW SHE'S KEEPING HIM IN JAIL!


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There's good news and bad news for Meek Mill involving his jail sentence. Get the latest inside...

Meek Mill was one step closer to getting out of jail thanks to the Philadelphia’s District Attorney office, but controversial Judge Genece Brinkley shut that ish down with the quickness.  While many are mad, she very likely has her own reasons in doing so.

The MMG rapper was due in court today where prosecutors in the Meek Mill case said the rapper’s conviction should be overturned. Why? Well, his arresting officer, Reginald Graham, was exposed as being corrupt. His name turned up on the Philadelphia District Attorney Office's “Do Not Call” list, which is a document warning prosecutors of several officers suspected of corruption.

If the conviction was thrown out, Meek’s probation violation would be tossed, which means, he would get out of jail. He’s currently behind bars serving 2-4 yearsafter violating his probation. Earlier this month, Meek's bail was denied. 

Good news that the D.A. advocated for his release, right? Well, Judge Genece Brinkley has the final say, and she’s not with it.

According to reports, she didn’t sign off on the DA’s request this morning, and instead scheduled a hearing on the matter. And that hearing isn't happening until June. So, Meek will be sitting in jail all spring.

“This is outrageous, the conviction should have never happened in the first place — the conviction was filled with constitutional violations,” Mill’s lawyer Joe Tacopina told Page Six of the ruling on Monday. He said of the hearing in June, “A hearing over what? In this case, both parties agree that the conviction needs to be overturned.”

Mill’s team says they’ll apply for emergency relief as soon as Monday. “Any hope that [Judge Brinkley] would do the right thing was eviscerated today,” Tacopina said.

Before Judge Brinkley set the new hearing, crowds of people lined up outside of the courthouse for a #FreeMeekMill rally started celebrating when they got the news about the DA, thinking he would be released.

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A few days ago, the Philly rapper conducted an interview over the phone with "NBC Nightly News" where he talked about being a "political prisoner" and how screwed up the justice system is. Check it:

Meek's next hearing is scheduled for June 18th.

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