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Married Pastor Gets BLASTED On Facebook By Alleged Side Chick For CHEATING- RECEIPTS! + Lyfe Jennings Pulls A Baby Stunt On Social Media & You’ll Never Guess Why


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“When The Facebook Turns!” See receipts from a side chick who exposed her married pastor for cheating on social media. Also, find out why Lyfe Jennings decided to fake like he had two new babies inside…

The foolywang material stays at an all time high on Facebook.

A scorned side chick had something heavy on her heart and decided to tell her truth. And her truth was one hell of a confession. The alleged mistress, named Kat Willis, hopped on the church’s Facebook page to reveal she has been SLEEPING with married pastor Aaron L. Finley of the New Creation Church in Dallas, TX. Really, girl? On the church’s social media account? Chile...

 photo pastor2.png

Here’s her confession:

 photo girl1.png

You already know folks began the draggings, so she whipped out receipts in the form of Facebook messages - messages the pastor denies are his - they exchanged over the last few years that date back to 2016.

The alleged messages are MANY things. In their exchange, Kat asks Pastor Finley if she can have $18 to get her nails done for her birthday. What shop does she go to that only charges $18 for a full set?

There’s another time she asks him for money and he claims he’s broke, only offering her $10. In the alleged texts, he asks her for sex, but she’s on her monthly. He then suggests she find someone else that he can have sex with while she pleasures him orally because he needed it badly.

“You still on your period? Damn I want some p*ssy,” Pastor Finley allegedly says in one of the messages.


Peep their alleged exchanges below:

 photo girl2.png

 photo girl6.png

 photo girl3.png

 photo girl4.png

 photo girl5.png

 photo girl7.png


 photo girl8.png

Check out more alleged messages between them in the video below: 


Pastor Finley claims EVERYTHING Kat is saying is a LIE. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. He said the cheating allegations are "made up ... foolishness" and he warned his critics to "watch how they treat God's man."

"None of that information is true and it wasn't a text message. It's something that's made up on Facebook messenger. My church is fine. My family is fine and I'm fine. So I'm going to let the Lord take care of the rest of that mess, that foolishness. I don't get into foolishness," Pastor Finley told The Christian Post.

Pastor Finley said he’s not going to respond to the cheating allegations because he’s leaving the situation in God’s hands. He also said he would consider getting the law involved if something about him was published in the newspaper without his consent.

"I don't even reply to it or nothing. I let God handle that so if people want to lie they better watch how they treat God's man," he said. "My deacons and the members of my church told me don't worry about this they'll handle everything and that's what I'm doing ... I'm not hiding from anyone because I know I've done no wrong. So I'm letting my chairman of the board and my administration handle that and I'm leaving it at that," he added.

"I'm tired of this. That's why I'm letting God handle this," he said. "If somebody put stuff in a paper without my permission then we could talk to the law. My church and my administration is not just gonna sit back and let people keep doing stuff to their pastor. It's a shame before God that people have to go through foolishness and all that. It's just crazy; it's just out of my hands."

Kat also went off on her personal FB page, saying she was tired of covering up for Pastor Finley:

 photo side1.png

 photo side2.png

 photo side3.png


The reviews on the church’s Facebook account are in SHAMBLES. Here are just SOME of what’s being said:

 photo church1.png

Folks are saying this tea is better than any episode of “Greenleaf.” You taking notes Tyler Perry?

F*ck boi material at its finest.

In other crazy news...

 photo lyfebaby.png

Lyfe Jennings is looking for his real fans. And he has a weird way of doing it. The R&B singer hopped on social media to announce he had welcomed a baby boy and a baby girl within days of one another.

In a video, he explained he lied about having more kids in an effort to weed out his fake fans. He said he was waiting to see how people would respond and he was going to block all the haters.

Really Lyfe? You that bored?

The singer also showed off his home and his boat to clap back at a fan who called him broke.

Peep the clip below:


Anything to try and stay relevant huh?

Photos: New Creation Church's FB/Lyfe's IG

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