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WHO’S LYING?! Radio Personality Danni Starr Says Co-Hosts QuickSilva & DJ 5’9 AMBUSHED Her On Air, They Say She Knew!


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Ish hit the fan on the radio in the DMV area this morning between co-hosts Danni Starr, QuickSilva and DJ 5’9. Find out why Danni claims she was ambushed and what her co-hosts have to say about the situation inside…

If you’re in the DMV area and listening to the radio on your morning commute this morning then you likely heard what went down on 93.9 WKYS “The Fam In The Morning.” Ish got SUPER heated and one of the co-hosts may have called it quits.

Radio personality Danni Starr posted on Instagram that she was looking for a babysitter to look after her two daughters after her previous sitter had to leave due to family issues. Apparently, a woman she called “very pretty” slid in her DMs to inquire about the babysitting job. Danni showed her co-hosts QuickSilva and DJ 5’9 the DM and her picture and said she wouldn’t hire the woman because she’s "too pretty." This happened before this morning’s show.

Today, things took a turn for the worst when QuickSilva and DJ 5’9 allowed the woman who slid in Danni’s DMs come up to the studio to “stand up for pretty chicks.” Oh.

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The guys started going in on Danni, calling her insecure because she didn’t want to hire a “pretty” nanny. Then, Danni and the “pretty woman” went back and forth. Danni remained adamant that its solely HER choice on who she decides to let in her home and watch her children, so regardless what anyone says, if she feels like she doesn’t want to hire a nanny that’s “pretty” then that’s her choice.

Listen to it all go down below:

It's unclear if Danni OFFICIALLY quit, however she did say today could be her last day.

QuickSilva's WIFE even called in and laid his behind out:



After Danni stormed off air, she went on Facebook Live to explain WHY she didn't want the "pretty" woman in her house. She expained she's pro-active now after being cheated on by her ex-husband. She also said her father cheated on her mother with the babysitter and ended up getting her pregnant, so she's super cautious.

Now, here's where it gets tricky...

 photo quick1.jpg

Danni's co-host QuickSilva said they did NOT ambush Danni and that she KNEW the woman was coming on the show because they all prepped for the show together. Mmhmm...

He said he spoke to Danni and apologized, saying he shouldn't have let it carry on the way it did. Peep his response above and below.

 photo quick2.jpg


Well, Danni said she "didn't know sh*t" about the woman coming on the show and a few other things (read from the bottom up): 

 photo dan1.png

 photo dan2.png

 photo dan3.png

 photo dan4.png

 photo dan5.png

She also went on Instagram to address the situation:



As a woman in radio and the media industry I’ve had some awful and uncomfortable things happen to me, but as an empath I know good people and try to see past that. What happened today was stupid and a whole lot of other adjectives, but I don’t believe the guys even thought it all the way through. What was, I’m assuming, intended to be a joke, backfired. They aren’t malicious dudes, I’ve worked with the worst of the worst. And these guys are NOT those guys. Though I think they should have shut homegirl down as my colleagues and brothers , the heat of the moment did not allow it. People are flawed, I’m flawed- and I’m learning that. With the exception of today’s show these guys have been ride or die for me. They are human, they have families and they make mistakes. Thank you for lifting me up, so join me as we show them a bit of grace. It’s a chance for growth. I’m holding out hope that that’s where we are. Opportunities like this allow us to teach men and woman alike how detrimental it can be to stifle a woman’s voice especially as It related to her personal choices. While this wasn’t the best way to kick off International Women’s Day, it is a reminder for me and my sister tribe that women should be unapologetic in their voices, stances and actions.

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Photos: Danni's IG

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