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Woman Claims Tyler Perry Is Her Husband & He ‘Stole’ Her Eggs + Questlove Is Being Sued Over Racial Discrimination Drama At NBC



Apparently, Tyler Perry has a wife none of us knew about and she claims he's raising her son with her "stolen" eggs. Sighs...

Meanwhile, Questlove is being sued after he allegedly had "Tonight Show" staffers fired over racist text. Get it all inside...

We can’t even make this ish up.

A woman will be appearing on the “Dr. Phil Show” making claims that highly successful filmmaker Tyler Perry is her husband. Oh? Does he know this? Because last we heard, he had a girlfriend named Gelila and they welcomed a baby a few years ago.

Oh, and it gets…worse.

Not only is she claiming that the Madea creator is her husband, she also claims Tyler STOLE her eggs and is currently raising her son. Chile…

Dr. Phil asked her, “How did someone get eggs out of your body?”

“I don’t know. Tyler knows,” she responded.

And she was deada**.

Peep the clip below:

Really girl? Are you itching for your 15 minutes of fame that badly? Or, is there some chemical imbalance in the brain because this sounds ridiculous. Hopefully Dr. Phil can help.

This episode is expected to air sometime next month. Exactly what we need to kick off Black History Month. /sarcasm

In other news....

Questlove is celebrating the fact that his Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. But, he's likely pissed off about this new lawsuit brought against him.

According to reports, two white NBC cameramen, who worked on the “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” have filed a $2 million lawsuit against the Roots frontman for pressuring NBC execs to have them fired. Why did he have them fired, might you ask? Apparently, a racist text message was sent and it involves the cameramen, Kurt Decker and Michael Cimino, over the summer.

According to Page Six, the alleged unsolicited text - sent by a “Tonight Show” stagehand - included “a piece of fried chicken with a bite out of it along with a racial slur that inevitably depicts African Americans,” along with racial slurs . The text was also sent to one of the Roots' bandmates, Mark Kelley, in addition to the cameramen.

The Blast has a few details about the lawsuit:

Decker and Cimino claim they did not respond to the message and later reported it to Keith McPhee (a manager of The Roots) and Bryon King, a technical production manager at NBC.

The two men claim there were both immediately suspended, but Kelley was not.

A seven-week investigation ensued and, they claim, Questlove “pressured NBC to fire all of the Caucasian employees involved in the incident.”

They also claim Questlove demanded Kelley receive no discipline.

Decker and Cimino believe this incident follows a pattern of behavior by NBC with regards to “reporting requirements in other circumstances of wrongful conduct.”

Sources close to NBC claim the plaintiffs failed to report the inappropriate text, which is policy at the network.

A spokeswoman for NBC tells Page Six: “We have strong policies in place that protect against discrimination in any form. The decision about these plaintiffs was the company’s alone.”

Questlove is also speaking out via his rep, stating:

“Questlove denies the ridiculous allegations made in this lawsuit,” Carleen Donovan said. “Racism is REAL and exists throughout the world and for these gentlemen to claim victim is not only disrespectful to Questlove and his band mates, but to all that truly endure racism on a daily basis. As NBC already stated, the decisions made regarding these employees were made by NBC, alone.”

Hmm...do you think this will stick in court? We don't. Questlove didn't do the firing, so their real beef should be with NBC.

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